Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ysabel's Daughter: Skincare Products Inspired By Bees

It is rare that I get invited to an event launch that miraculously aligns with my personal values. That night, I was introduced to a whole product line made entirely from 100% premium natural ingredients, absolutely no toxic chemicals. Oooh, magic words! Ysabel's Daughter hit the spot. I officially have another homegrown brand addition to my bath and body collection.

Guests sampled an assortment of bath and body goodies
Kid-friendly events are so considerate of working mommas like me!
Ysabel's full product line gorgeously displayed
Coty and Carl, business partners of Ysabel's Daughter
Having co-founded INDIGObaby with Denise in 2009, I do have experience in formulating all-natural and organic products. I took time to speak to the woman behind Ysabel's Daughter because I felt we probably have similarities in our lifestyle choices.

Coty Cruz, the founder of YD shared with me an interesting story on how her skincare brand started. When her family decided to grow bees in their urban backyard for health reasons (loved her by then!), she had a regular supply of honey that she used to experiment on soaps and scrubs. (DIY queen, like me!) After sampling her homemade creations to friends, she started selling in bazaars like the American Woman's Bazaar which was very well received. Today, YD is being sold in The Green Company in San Juan and online through Canary Cosmetics, and Beauty MNL.

Coty pointed out her logo which she personally designed. "People think is a flower but if you look closely, it actually is a... bee!"

Inspired by the age-defying powers of honey, Ysabel's Daughter gives the promise of "the fountain of youth" through antioxidants and regenerative powers of its ingredients. Coty's firm and glowing skin is clear evidence of it!

WHAT TO TRY: Post-partum moms will definitely want to try their Lemon Firming Lotion and Green Apple Slimming Lotion (which also helps prevent stretchmarks!).

Maya is as obsessed as I am with lathering lotion on skin!

Ysabel's Daughter
Instagram @ysabelsdaughter

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