Friday, December 21, 2007

DIY Taggie

I was inspired by etsy. So, I made my version of a taggie bear for the upcoming long car trip we are taking to Baguio after Christmas. Yes, I have to think of ways to keep Santi sane. He gets bored real fast. I hope this taggie bear does the trick!

Oh yeah, those of you who have the patience to make's pretty easy :)

1. Find a doll / bear. In my case, I used this Huggies bear that came as a freebie with a pack of diapers at the grocery.
2. Cut up assorted colored different sizes and textures too if you wish.
3. Make sure to seal the ribbon ends so they don't run. (M did this for me..yeah, he was part of the taggie production process)
4. Sew! I don't own a my right pointy finger is red from manually stitching these on.

Next target is a taggie blanket or what they call a 'lovie' ;)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

More BLW

I purchased Santi a froggy dining set from an Ikea booth in a bazaar. It was M who bought it, actually. I bugged him to. How can he not? The pelican bib is just too darn cute!

Santi and some bananas.....

A closer look on his fab shirt from Aunt Patty!

Beans! He's gotta have some beans!Munchin' on apple wedges....

Friday, December 14, 2007

Our Mothers, Our Senses

As much as I love the title of this entry, I have to say that I stole it from one of the members of the TCC (The Continuum Concept) email group.

This woman/mother named Tara went on to ramble about "Our Mothers, Our Senses," because she believes that it is so much about how the way our parents nurtured us (or not so much) affects the person we become, how we perceive the world, and how much stimulation we even can get -- can notice or receive or intake from life -- and, I think, how it shapes the relationships we now have with our mothers as adults with kids of our own.
I cannot agree with her more. To me, she said it in the best words. Since becoming a mother myself, I took another journey into my own childhood - on how my own mother raised me. If it didn't bother me before, it suddenly bugs me now that I wasn't breastfed -my mum claims that me and my siblings were for 3 months but then we started biting so she stopped?! This might be a lie because I have been bfeeding Santipants for 7 months now and only recently he started nibbling on my nips...but even this should not stop me from nourishing him with my milk :P

If I wasn't such an easy baby, I am almost sure that I would have been left to 'cry it out'. I know this for a fact because when I left Santi with her for a few hours before, she confided to M that when Santi started to cry, she just left him on the bed until he stopped (this is the reason why I never left Santi with her again!) I remember once, as a toddler, my mum did pull out the belt on me when I went on a brat attack insisting to wear my ballerina shoes to the mall. (something I will never ever do to Santi even if he pulls something very naughty) With co-sleeping -I believe that I had my own crib and was always on my stroller. I have tons of photos of little me sitting in my stroller or baby seat. My parents always tell stories about how 'good' I was, never complaining nor crying...just sitting content in my stroller and falling asleep on my own. (almost opposite of my darling, Santi! hehe)

In hindsight, however, I was my parents first child together (they each had their own before me) and I can say that they loved me to bits. But this is the best love and; parenting they knew they could give. I think, if they were aware of attachment parenting 25 years ago, things would have been different. Now, I wonder how their own parents raised them?

My parents now watch me 'mother my own baby' and it might be difficult for them to see me do things differently, (I have criticized my own mum's opinions about her beliefs of carrying my baby too much in fear of spoiling, bottle feeding, the use of strollers, and my dad's knowledge of 'crying is good for a baby's lungs' pure nonsense, I said to him! ) but this is all part of their own journey as grandparents - re-learning parenting through me.

And the story will Santi will father his own children in the future? How will M and I be as grandparents? Eep. Time holds many adventures yet to be discovered! For now, I will hold Santi close to my heart and wish for the best for him and all the generations to come.

Monday, December 10, 2007

And When He Sleeps...

Santi puts up his legs on either my leg or the pillow. It's the cutest sight! I have to take more photos to show ya'll how my son acts 'like a king' in certain ways.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Teething Sucks

for Santi and most especially FOR ME!

Wanna know why? Santipooperpunch is whiney all the time and back to ZERO sleep during the day. (I get NOTHING done. no showers, half eating all meals, so kalat with the files for the biz, ayayay!!) He also refuses to sleep early at night. Then, when asleep...he suddenly has piercing screams and cries all throughout the night (til about 4 am) that can scare the bleep out of anyone!

(Note: I already give him Chamomilla drops for the sleep issue and teething gel for the pain or itch or whatever it is he is feeling... and the same scenario persists)

Blame it all on teething! Gosh little teeth, come out already will ya?!?!?

And I thought the storm was over (me taking care of an ailing child) and then THIS!

God/Higher Power/Divine Mother/Spirit/Angels & Saints please help mummy through this...

Sunday, December 02, 2007

What's with TAGS?

I don't know how or why Santi's love affair with tags began. It's a real mystery why he chooses to occupy himself with tags of toys, pillows, shirts. Cheap thrills of my baby boy!

Obviously, the combivent (that's the name of the solution!) with nebulizer is working on him. He is much much better now. Phew!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Too Young

M and I finally took little sick boy Santi to see his pedia for a check up (because his cough/cold will not go away despite all the natural meds I give all the love and care in the world a mum can ever give!)

When Dr. Crickette listened to his lungs she told me that it was wheezing. This was something serious, she said. She then made me listen to his chest . It did sound like he was having the hardest time breathing. Like his little lungs were struggling to breathe! Oh no, Santi is predisposed to asthma. ;( I began to explain to doc that the men in my family have asthma and M has it. I believe I even had skin asthma but I just outgrew it?

On Santi's prescription pad:

1.Nebulize with salinase solution and 'something-milder-than-ventolin-with-less-side-effects' (sorry I forget the name, I have to find the actual prescription pad!) 3x a day for 5 days.
2. If symptoms persist, add a dose of a more 'serious drug'...again I forget the name... it sounded more serious though and according to M it costs P200 a pop. Yikes!
3. Continue with Silver coiloid and/or Echinalyt (Santi hates that damn bitter Echinalyt btw. Freaked out when I gave him some and now won't even open his mouth for ANY other homeopathic meds in a dropper...I guess I have to think of other ways for him to open his mouth now!)

Here was Santi a day or 2 ago...needing me to prop his head so he can breathe. When I would remove my arm under, he would cry and wake up. Yes, sore arms of of the many sacrifices I do for him.

And below is him getting high on drugs...the legal ones at least. There he is using the nebulizer which (I borrowed from his cousin Zac) he hated after about 2 minutes. Take note, we needed it on him for another 13 minutes but he kept screaming and crying so we finally did remove it after 3-4 more minutes. M and I could not stand seeing him in so much distress.

Why oh why is this happening? The first time you get sick and it's a huge blow on all of us. I feel somewhat betrayed by my own milk which is supposed to protect him from this. You are far too young to experience this babylove. Please please please get better. Heal little lungs.

Well...I think the nebulizer did him good.

I am able to blog now because FINALLY he is asleep without needing me there next to him. The past week, he'd automatically wake whenever I leave his side. Clingy, needy, fussy. It's alright baby. I feel for you. Anything for you, really.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Doctor Doctor I am Sick

and so is my little boy :(

I am already recuperating from a nasty flu. I think I may have caught it from M then passed it to my little Santi. Poor baby. He, on the other hand is still in the perils of a cold/cough tandem. Evil, I say! It's been 3 nights of almost-no sleep for us. Imagine this- hourly interruptions of extreme screaming and crying with lots of tears. There I go, holding him, bouncing him on the ball (in the wee hours of the night til morning) When M wakes up for work I get so bitchy because of no sleep.

I read on a parenting blog (not too long ago) 'sleep is for the weak' true for me. I can't believe I've lasted this long on just a couple of hours a day. I'm operating on automatic here.

The past few days I have been harassing Santi's pedia. Yes, been a bugger because I am a first-time mum experiencing the pains of seeing her little one sick...not a good sight! What kills me is that Santi HATES it when I give him his meds and attempt to suck out his yucky phlegm from his nose. He screams BLOODY MURDER each time I do so. Para siyang kinakatay na baboy! And I'm just doing what's best for him. Haaaay. It's so hard to see Santi have such a difficult time nursing when he can't breathe from his nose. I even made M buy a vaporizer to emit steam to help Santi breathe at night. Yet he still wakes up shrieking every hour because of his cold/cough. Tough days, tough days.... I never want him to be sick EVER AGAIN. I should really improve my diet...avoid MSG and sugar as these decrease the anti-bodies in my milk. (right?)

Homeopathic meds taken (Me & Santi):

  1. Allium Cepa
  2. Vivianite
  3. Jar of Hope (for stress)
  4. Echinalyt
  5. Silver Colloid ----> Now, this is interesting. This is a new super drug. Well, not exactly a drug nor homeopathic meds but is considered advanced medicine already. A friend bought a bottle and I asked for some for Santi. It's supposed to cure anything and everything. Cool, huh? Read more here.
I do hope Santi cooperates and drinks his natural medicines so that he can be cured and I can have peace of mind and finally have some decent sleep. Then again, I don't rememeber having any since giving birth :P

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

INDIGObaby on Shop Talk ANC

INDIGObaby will be one of the guests on Shop Talk by Pia Hontiveros on Thursday 3pm.

When Santi was only 2 days old - May 11 of this year, I caught Jen Tan of in the same show talking about attachment parenting (showing her slings with her son making gulo there at the set hehe). Imagine, I was in the hospital room recovering from a CS operation watching this and thinking to myself, "Hey, I want to be just like that!"

I think that really made a difference in my outlook of what parenting should be. I can't believe that now, Santi is almost turning 7 months, Dee and I will be guesting at the very same show talking about the same issues and showcasing our very own products! (and to think I didn't have a business back then)

I'm getting cold feet as I type this because I've always looked up to the host and I know she asks smart questions so I better be ready!

Monday, November 19, 2007

My Yaya Experience

I know, I know. I have been anti-yaya ever since but starting your own business and joining bazaars and taking care of a high need infant is all too much for ANYONE. So, I finally did hire someone (against my principles) last Saturday. I instructed her to be my assistant and only carry Santi when I need to go to the bathroom, when I need to eat or when I need to speak to a client. Her name is Arlyn and well...I fired her today. Yes, Santi's first yaya only lasted 2 1/2 days.

WHY? You might ask. Well, divine intervention is why. Last weekend, at the Rockwell Urban Bazaar. There was a girl manning the booth across us. I didn't notice her lurking around and eyeing Santi until she grabbed him from my yaya-whom-I-fired. The next thing I know, Santi is in the arms of a total stranger! Of course I was curious...who is this girl and why does she insist on carrying my son, playing with him, cooing and all that?! She came up to me and said "I love him so much! What is his name?" Yes in straight impeccable English. When I answered her she even said "Pardon?" when she couldn't hear me. I was floored.

Through chats between sales, I found out that my dream yaya is named Catherine is from Bacolod and is only 18 years old. She is currently the cook of the owner of the booth beside mine and used to be a yaya before. She took care of her old employer's infant until the baby turned 3.And the clincher is this...

Santi fell asleep in her arms! Another jaw dropper! It takes me much effort for him to sleep... nurse, ball bounce, sling.... and she effortlessly made him sleep! M can't even do that!

Of course I talked to her and bugged her to work for me instead. She said she would ask permission from her current employer and give me a call soon.

Well...I still have my doubts... is this girl for real?! This might be a whole scam. She might have slipped sleeping potion onto Santi while I wasn't looking. I have to think of these's my son we are talking about! You can't just trust anyone these!

I also have my issues still with yayas:
  • I get annoyed whenever I see a yaya hold him - with the useless-one-I-fired I was sooooo annoyed! Each time she would get Santi from me, I would get him back within minutes!
  • I still insist on bathing him, feeding him (nurse/solid), hold him when asleep - what else will my yaya do?!
  • I get so jealous seeing the yaya playing with Santi - I still want to spend every second with my baby! These are precious times! Why watch Santi waste it away with a stranger when he can be with me?!?!
There...those are just my top 3 that I have to deal with before I can actually hire one. For now, mama's back to being Santi's one and only! :D

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Baby on Solids

We were all very eager to start WagoBear on solids - BLW style of course! Well, I honestly had mixed feelings because I was afraid that he would nurse less....NOT!!! He nurses the same, thank god! I really am not ready for the real weaning bit although I know the process has started. I just hope it's a looooong ass process because I want to breastfeed forever!!! Also, I read that it's all just play for babies up until they reach age 1. So, for now, it's just food orientation for you Santi!

Starting on fruits ----

Day 1: I want to PLAY!

Day 2: Hmmm.. what to do with these bananas?

Day 3: I like these red plums!

That's all folks. More of Santi eating adventures soon! I urge other moms to read on Baby Led Weaning. It's fantastic!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


M and I woke up to a loud thud this morning. My heart raced as I jumped off the bed to see my baby boy lying on the floor and crying in distress. He rolled off the bed!

Me: OHMYGOD! Santiiiiii!!!!!! (almost in tears)
M: MOMMY!!!!!!!!!! (in tears)
Santi: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! (a looot of tears)

Santi, M and I believe, cried more because he heard his parents screaming. He probably felt all the tension and worry. How can we not?! Our baby boy, just 6 months old, fell off the bed. I wanted to fall off the bed myself so I could feel his pain too. I feel so guilty for this incident. I should have moved him in the middle, I should have placed a pillow, I should have so many things!

Grrrr.... this must have happened because recently, I have been talking to relatives about our fear of Santi falling off the bed. Or maybe that was an actual premonition and I should have listened to my intuition! Ayayay...

Now, my darling has a nasty bukol on his forehead. And I am on the look out for anything odd. (You wont imagine how many times I bugged my pedia today though!) Bummer... I just feel really horrible. I pray to all the gods that my baby boy is alright. I will exchange my life for it!

Happy 1/2 Year Santipooch!

Nov. 9, 2007---We've gone this far my love... 1/2 a year. You have grown so much my dear little one. It's truly a miracle that I was able to sustain you with ONLY my milk... giving part of myself to you each day. And so, now that you are a little bit older, we begin a new adventure...a fun one (one of my fave activities!) EATING! I just know that you'll enjoy it as much as your parents and grandparents do!

Stay tuned for 'Santi starting on solids' photos and videos!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mummy is a Busy Bee

As all of you know, I have been extremely busy setting up my new biz plus taking care of my almost 6 month old baby boy. He is a handful (still and forever will be) because he is, I believe, about 23 pounds...can you believe?! He weighs more than my friend's 2 year old son!

So, now I know why Kali exists (the Hindu Goddess who has several arms). Because moms like me could use them for multi-tasking. Usually, I do two or more things all at the same time. Carry Santi or bounce while nursing, PLUS attending to emails or sales or inventory. Look at photo below to get a clear picture (literally) Oh, don't mind the hideous jammies. hehe

Here I am nursing while bouncing while reading The Indigo Child

Some updates:

We spent the long holiday at the beach (where else?!) and had heaps of fun! Santi truly enjoyed being out in the sun, near the ocean where the sound of the waves calm him. If only we lived by the beach, his fussiness would disappear. Yes, he barely had an attack when we were there.

More updates:

Santi does this weird thing now with his hands. They flap just like the Chinese lucky cat I know all babies do that a reflex? It looks funny. Flappy arms like that.

Whatelse? He can also suck on his toes when I put him down on a sitting position (because he cant support himself upright just yet!)

There you go... more of Santi milestones shared :) Watch out for feeding videos very soon! Good night world...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Indigo Baby Has Arrived!

To my readers, this is the reason why I have not been blogging much lately. My bestfriend and co-yummy mummy and I have put up our own business and it's crazy hectic! Imagine doing marketing, inventory, accounting, changing nappies and breastfeeding... cool mix, huh?!

Please do visit the site,spread the word to family/friends and buy from us so that we can continue to spend our time at home with our babies while making a living!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Frozen Brazo De Mercedes to die for! Eating a slice now for dessert while reading up on BLW. I can't wait to start with Santipants!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Baby Led Weaning

I have less than a month until the recommended age (6 months) for Santi to start on solids. I have been researching and reading as much as I can on this topic and found out about BLW (baby led weaning) through a Continuum Concept support group. At first I was confused because weaning is the farthest on my mind right now. I plan to breastfeed him forever! Haha Well, for as long as he wants. I'm surely going to get the blues once I wean him :(

But after reading several articles on BLW like this and this and this ... I finally got the concept. It does NOT necessarily mean weaning my baby. IN fact, BLW is the best transition to feeding for breastfed babies! Main therory here is a baby is ready to eat when he or she is physically able to do so. (ex. sitting upright, watching you eat like a vulture, reaching out for your food and putting the piece in his/her mouth) There is no mashing of food, making purees (thank god!) And it encourages good eating habits (none of that spoon feeding and running after your toddler during mealtimes!) This is very interesting and will definitely practice with Santi. He does watch me eat and reaches out for the food but I have yet to cook healthier meals. None of the trash I currently eat. Ha!

I am a sucker for information so I even joined a UK based BLW forum for tips and recipes! For those of you intrigued, search on youtube baby led weaning and you will see adorable videos of babies feeding themselves all sorta foodies like pears, toast and what not! Watch out for Santi's first few BLW sessions. I will take videos and post for ya'll ;)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Before I got pregnant, I had a very regular menstrual cycle. I did not follow any calendar schedules. I just followed the moon!

Each time the moon was full, I knew I was about to have my period. I always thought "hey, it's so cool that my cycle is attuned to nature's", but I never really read on it. Today, however, I came across the concept of lunaception and the correlation of the moon with the menstrual cycles. (There is such a thing after all!)

According to Wikipedia-- Traditional sources agree that the menstrual cycle is linked to the cycle of the moon. These sources generally indicate that women menstruate at the time of the new moon, and ovulate at the full moon.

The world and it's mysteries.... so fascinating!

Monday, October 08, 2007

30 Minutes of TORTURE

Yesterday, I drove the car while Santi was being held by my household help. (my all around maid who does the laundry, cooking & cleaning) This was NOT A GOOD IDEA. He freaked out the whole time- going to my destination and back. I could not concentrate on driving and felt so guilty that I was holding the wheel and not my baby. TORTURE! I vowed never to do that again. It is just heartbreaking! I would rather take a cab and be able to pacify my own son than drive and make baby and me miserable. That's that.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Welcome Sumi!

Welcome to this world little Sumi!

Jeri, gave birth to this darling of an angel last Sept 27 at the Makati Med via C-section (bummer). Seeing her so tiny at only 5 pounds makes me miss newborn Santipoo!

Our visit reminded me and M how FAST they grow!!! Here's a trippy photo of Santi in his once bassinet (we delivered him in the same, we literally went down memory lane)

It was M's idea to put our gigantic baby boy in that plastic thing. Look at those THUNDER THIGHS! He never liked it there by the way.

Going back to little Sumi... I feel for Jeri because she has latching problems. No one knows why. Jeri was told her nips are too small for Sumi to latch on. This is NOT a valid reason. In fact, small nips are easier to latch on according to a breastfeeding advocate. I can only assume that Sumi already has bottle nip preference. She was roomed in late and was given glucose water and formula :(

Months ago, newborn Santi latched on easily and refused to unlatch. When I unlatched him (because it hurt like hell then), he would wail oh-so-loud. So, I just let him suck non-stop overnight.

Knowing that there are other moms who have 'breastfeeding troubles' make me feel blessed that I never had that case. Perhaps rooming in early and standing ground to NO GLUCOSE WATER and NO FORMULA PLEASE FOR MY BABY did the trick. Someone once told me that giving a newborn anything more than breastmilk will decrease the chances of successful latching / breastfeeding. How can you feed a glucose-filled newborn tummy?

I sure hope Sumi latches soon!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Baby Snob

Marc Jacob's Limited Edition little Marc Box... uber cool! That onesie is hilarious! Retails at $160.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Meth Lab

No, I am not a meth addict. Neither is M nor baby Santi. But our home sure does look like a meth lab from the outside because my windows are all covered in foil. You see?

But the outcome is this...
The curtains weren't good enough for Santi. He would still get aroused by the sunlight seeping through them during the day. First, I added layers and layers of cloth and even my own clothes on top of the curtains but then mosquitoes loved hiding underneath all of this so... foil it is!

OK, you are totally weirded out now but don't get me wrong. I haven't gone cuckoo. Of course I love the sun and the energy it brings me and my baby. When it isn't nap time, I do open the windows and let the sun shine :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Santi's New Ride

Introducing Santi's new ride...

The Maclaren Sport Quest!

M and I took the plunge in purchasing our not-so-little boy a stroller. He already weighs more than 20 pounds now and as much as I'd like to sling him all day when we are out, my back gives up on me after a few hours. Yes, yes he was not into the old one before
but for some reason when we placed him in this one he didn't complain at all. We thought, 'maybe he knows how much it's worth!' or 'he must be thinking THIS IS MORE LIKE IT!' But, not until he got hungry for my boob. Of course I'd pick him up, sling and nurse.

Day 1 with stroller at the Podium mall: Strolled around for about 20 minutes. Baby got hungry. After feeding, I still let sleep in the sling until he woke up. Then back into the nice stroller.

Day 2 in Mega Mall: I attempted to place him in the stroller while he was asleep and he actually slept in it (with a little fuss in the beginning but when I started moving the thing he gave in and slept again). Total time spent in stroller: 30 mins.

It's hit or miss still though because awhile ago when we were at the grocery- Hopeful me wanted to do some grocery shopping using the spankin' new stroller BUT after about 5 minutes in it, he decided to shriek. Thinking he was hungry, I slung him, injected my boob but after sucking for a minute he refused. Then I returned him in the stroller but after a few minutes again, some shrieking. And so the cycle began for another 3 rounds until I gave up and just slung him until he finally slept on me. People were staring at this mom slinging her baby with grocery goods in the stroller.

The P11,500 stroller... a grocery cart.

Baby Rituals

Santi's interesting daily rituals--

2 baths daily.

One in the morning after his first poo (which is usually an explosive one) and one at night or late afternoon before he sleeps.

Before each bath: I heat the water and while waiting for it, I massage him with lavender oil while singing a nursery ryhme or a lullabye (whichever lyrics I can remember at the moment). I do this to get his full attention so that he doesn't attempt to turn or start to fuss. Then, I carefully remove all clothing and carry him over with me to the bathroom to check the temp of the water. I add bath salt to the heated water. Again, I sing while giving him a bath. (Usually it's YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE - he really does love that song!)

After bath:
I quickly put on his nappy and clothes because I have about 2 minutes before he starts fussing. He still is ok when I dry him in the hooded towel, put on his nappy BUT each time I put the onesie or shirt he starts to cry. No fail. (I think he gets bored, wanting me to get on with the rest of the ritual) Think me in a baby marathon: dress him, get on the ball, start bouncing, offer my breast and feed him. Hurray if he feeds in peace.

If he has trouble napping, I give him a dose of his chamomile drops (which I learned not to use all the time because he ends up with liquid poop. Yes, it relaxes even the digestive tract according to Dr. Crickette) Another option is the blue chamomile gel which I rub on his temples. I have had experiences where he fusses, I apply the miracle gel and he naps after a few minutes without much effort. I also massage his tummy with the famous aceite manzanilla at night.

When he is already napping/sleeping I put a cloth beside him with one or two drops of lavender essential oil to make his dreams sweeter (ha! it's so that he can nap/sleep longer)

Those are his requirements. If I miss any of those, I feel I'm a bad mum. If I don't get to massage him before his bath, I feel bad. I think 'oh, poor baby is so tensed because mum didn't get to massage him'! If he misses his night bath (because he is in deep sleep already and I wouldn't dare wake him up), I feel awful that my baby is not clean at that moment. How sticky he must feel with all that dried up sweat on him still. Yuck.

There are lots of other more things I feel bad about doing or not doing but I'll save that topic when I have nothing to write about. you and your baby have rituals too? Share them here :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Turning 25

I am officially an adult. My, oh, my. I just celebrated my 25th birthday last Sept. 16... my very first birthday as a mum. All my other birthdays (in recent years) were spent with single, crazy friends getting really drunk and wasted on alcohol at clubs, bars or hotel rooms. Nope, that was not the scene this year.

This time around, we celebrated with mostly family and a few friends (who happens to have babies too) at the Diamond Hotel's 3-bedroom Hospitality Suite. Very wholesome, I tell you.

Here are photos before the party:

The SuiteOne of the adjoining rooms

During the party:
One of the birthday cakesBenny grabs Santi's toys

The trio: Sab, ME, DengThe celebrant bouncing on the life saver ball

After the party:
My butt naked Santipants loving the tub

Happy 25th birthday to mummy me! I received the best gift EVER this year...I was given a baby boy. I give credit to my own mum, who gave birth to me 25 years ago. I have joined you in this sorority of motherhood. I am now fully responsible for another human being (yikes!). I will shape his actions, values and worldview. Brace yourself Santiago, you're in for the ride of your life. Mummy will show you things others only dream of. We're in this lifetime together!

Sleeping Potion

Viola! Here is Santi's sleeping potion. Chamomilla drops (P100) from ISIP Center. His pedia, Dr. Crickette Palanca-Chen, advised me to give him 2 drops every 4 hours until he gets his rhythm of sleep. (I sooo love that fact that she practices homeopathy!) True enough, he naps/sleeps more. Well, I still do 'the works' (ball bouncing while nursing, no distracting lights or sound) to get him to sleep but at least he gets more than 12 hours of sleep a day now. About 14-15 hours of natural drug-induced sleep. Phew!

Oh, take my really does make you snooze! I've tried it, 5 drops for adults.... you start becoming woozy after as if on valiums :P

My dear son is a baby junkie!

ISIP Center Rockwell, Makati
Tel No. 8958421

Dr. Crickette Palanca-Chen
LP Medical Plaza, Makati
by appointment 0927-9877079

Breast is Best

The Adiri Natural Nurser beats the Avent bottle in this new boob-like design. They claim to mimic to breastfeeding like no other bottle, reduce air digestion and gas to relieve colic and promote safer feeding with high quality safe materials.

Of course, curious me, already ordered 2 of these high design bottles at $12 each from my aunt who will be coming home for vacation soon. I want to test it on Santi. He has not been using the Avent bottles because I never leave him (except for the 2 events I posted about before) and he does not seem to have a nipple right for his sucking preference. The 1 hole nip for newborns frustrate him whereas the 2-hole nips choke him. And there are no in-betweens. Gr.

The breast is STILL the best!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No Way

I don't believe this!

This is Kim Raver posing nude for a Vaseline print ad. I know, I know, I am just jealous she doesn't have any stretch marks. I had (and still have) tons! Hmph!

The magic of Photoshop!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Beachy Preggy Weggy

An old friend of mine from high school is now 4 months pregnant. She informed me of the exciting news - she finally felt her first baby movement!

ME: Did it feel like a flutter?
N: Yeah!
ME: That was it! Doesn't it feel so great to know that there is something alive inside of you?
N: Yeah, it was pretty exciting!
ME: I remember feeling Santi for the first time so clearly. Cherish your pregnancy because if I would change one thing about mine - I would be more patient. I wanted Santi out asap! Now, I want him back in! Hahaha

That friend of mine is a beautiful beach bum / surfer girl. I know that her baby will be a beach babe as well. I am sure of it. I can't wait to find out the gender next month! If she is carrying a girl, I will definitely urge Santi to go for her when they grow up!

Here is my own collection of preggy beachy shots.
For a Marie Claire shootMontemarAnilao

Clearly, I was trying to make a statement - "Girls, it is OK to flaunt your bump in a bikini!" Do not be so insecure about people seeing your stretch marks. They'll be camouflaged anyway by the nice tan. Ooh sun-kissed preggy bellies. I like how that sounds...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Parental Birthdays

Happy Birthday to my parents RE and NE!

My Dad just turned 55 while my Mum turned 52. Their birthdays are 6 days apart. Yes, both are Virgos but are like opposite poles. Perhaps their Chinese signs (snake and monkey) is the reason for that?

In this family, we love to celebrate with food, glorious food. For my Dad's birthday we headed to Emperor's Restaurant on Wilson St. Greenhills.

My siblings with my parents

The food in Emperor's was not as good as we remember it to be. Only the roasted duck remains to be worthy.

For my Mum's birthday, we went to Kaya Express at the Power Plant Mall. Kaya has been my Korean restaurant pick for years. I even celebrated my birthday there once because I just love their Spinach, Kimchi and Japchae.

Here's Mum holding a box of Diamond Hotel's Macarons
Dad, Mum, Gino, M and Santipooperpunch

Kaya never fails to deliver the same quality food I have always known.

Cheers to my parents who have stuck it out through all these years. You both have inspired me to prioritize family above all things. (Now that I have my own to keep) I am and forever will be grateful for your love, guidance and support. Santipoo is lucky to have the best grandparents in the whole world!


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