Monday, October 12, 2015

Mothers Who Brunch: Spooky Edition

It takes a lot for me to drive waaay south. But because it was a special invite by Mothers Who Brunch doing a Spooky Edition on the month of Halloween. How can I say no? This is the favorite holiday of my son next to Christmas (Can you guess why? ;P) Yes, yes it's because of all the sweet treats allowed annually.

Someone is definitely in his element! Look at that smile! Boqueria Lifestyle Market, your styling skills are uh-mazing! Must learn in future workshops from you girls! 

When we arrived at the Viking Range showroom, Sabrina Go of Sinfully Sabrina and Michelle Aventajado of Momma 'N Manila were cooking up a storm! I look up to them because I am a challenged cook. I like making green smoothies because you just cut up and blend everything - no cooking involved! Maybe I should attend more of these events to learn how to cook for the sake of my husband and kids!!!

Here are just some of their utterly delicious creations that I was able to photograph before leaving for another event...

This lavender lemonada was so refreshing! I must make this with the lemons I took home from Lemons and Greens!

This was one of my favorites...the genius Graveyard Taco Dip! I had to stop myself from snacking on this before eating formally began. Such a creative dish idea for a party!

The kids found this Shrunken Head Apple Juice Punch so entertaining! This is definitely another winning idea. I asked who carved the apples and Sabrina said "Me!" Love how hands on these ladies are!

These are chicken pesto sandwiches shaped like coffins. Brilliant, right? Oooh I love DIY!!!

And here's the yummiest AND healthiest snack! Kale chips popped in the oven with Zin Gourmet  Finishing Salt. My daughter and I can finish this whole bowl!

And now get your eyes ready for desserts....

cupcakes by sonja halloween

cakeshop by sonja halloween

cakeshop by sonja spooky edition

The full set up by Cupcakes By Sonja and Cakeshop by Sonja! I couldn't stay until the very end but I swear I would've nibbled on every bit of it if I had stayed. Obviously, sweets are my weakness!

The hosts thoughtfully included a children's activity during the event. Engineering For Kids taught them how to make ice cream from scratch using only their hands! My son was so very interested because ice cream is his favorite dessert of all time! Yay!

While the ice cream workshop was happening, mothers were sewing their halloween loot bags below. I couldn't join because I also wanted to learn how to make ice cream! Lol!

Here's my son giving his own cream + milk + sugar a good shake for his soft ice cream. It's always so magical when we learn how to make things with our own hands! We must repeat this process with organic goats milk and organic coco sugar... I wonder if it will taste as good?

"Look, Mom! It's Ice Cream!"

What a success! Thanks, Engineering For Kids

How lovely is this Pottly N Tubby play tent?!

Each child got to take home a handmade plush toy from Ant's Pocket, yay!

Look at how happy we were drinking that Lavender-Lemonada! I'm really going to test it tomorrow with my DoTerra Lavender pure essential oil and lemons. Let's see how that turns out!

Pam Begre and Monica Manzano

Seriously, the struggle is real! How do you ever get your kids to face the camera for a decent photo?!

Monica Manzano

Of course, there is a breastfeeding photo of me and my little one. #BreastfeedAnytimeAnywhere 

mothers who brunch spooky edition photo

Many thanks to all the sponsors who made this event possible! 

Ants Pocket, Cupcakes by Sonja, Cakeshop by Sonja, Engineering For Kids, Coco Natura, Boqueria Lifestyle Market, Clorox, Whisk, Jamfoods & Co., Lemons and Greens, Glad, Whisk, Manila Bulletin, Zin, Viking Range and of course, the duo behind Mothers Who Brunch!

Monday, October 05, 2015

Sound Healing: Crystal Bowls and Balinese Bell

Last Saturday, I attended a Sound Healing workshop conducted by musician, healer and artist, Yeyette San Luis and Ishilta Chasi of Ginhawa at Breathe, a yoga studio in Nuvali. It was my first time to visit and this has been long overdue since I have intended tosupport since before it even opened! The day has finally arrived and I resonate with the place because it stems from a community of like-minded folks.

The space is nice, airy and bright. More than a yoga studio, Breathe focuses primarily on healing which incorporates many other modalities. There is a snack and juice bar and a healing room for more private sessions behind the main yoga studio space.

This was the beautiful set up of Yeyette and Ish. 

I've personally been drawn to Sound Healing since I attended a class in The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali last 2010. My soul sisters at Flow also got hooked when they attended a class and a workshop in our retreat a few months back. Since then, we have created a Sound Healing thread on Whatsapp to hopefully awaken a local collective in Manila. 

Yeyette explained that everything vibrates. Even each cell in our body creates a sound. If one goes array, then the rest is affected...just like when an instrument goes out of tune. This is a reminder that you must re-tune constantly. And that is precisely what we were all there for. For re-tuning. 

We were asked to just lie down (just like in Savasana) for the whole session. Yes, that is how they do it, even in Bali. Then both Ish and Yeyette started using their instruments: the crystal bowls, the balinese bell and then for the last few minutes, Yeyette did spirit singing as well.

While the sacred sound concert was going on, you are transported to a deeply peaceful state of being. Many of us reported seeing colors. I was watching a groovy psycedelic hologram show. I can only explain it as my chakras being activated as we were retuning to the perfect pitch. Oh, it's definitely something to experience!

A class photo of all these souls (we are more than body!)

Immediately after class, we felt the effects. Just look at our happy faces! 

And because I want more of this kind of stuff....there is another upcoming event which next weekend which I will also be attending because it is like a Energy Detox BUFFET. You may choose 3 out of the wide range of healing offerings for a flat fee of only 1,250php! I am telling you, it is certainly worth the drive out to Nuvali! Please come and join me?

Solenad 1, Bldg. 4
Lakeside Evozone, Nuvali
Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Cel no. +639175606274

Sunday, October 04, 2015

World Famous Astrologer, Yael Yardeni Is Coming to Manila

I am so very excited for November because Kabbalah Philippines is bringing in Yael Yardeni, a world reknowned French Astrologer to Manila for the very first time!

I have been a student of Kabbalah for over 2 years now. I admit to being a delinquent student but I will never forget the core principles from my mentors which I do practice and have tremendously helped me with life issues: from career advice, to marriage to parenting and self-improvement. There has been so much fruits from the lessons in our study groups. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for answers. 

One of my interests and what has drawn me to Kabbalah was their practice of Astrology and how it applies to our lives everyday. I believe in the law of karma and past-lives so I had an Astrology reading when I was pregnant with my daughter because I wanted a clean slate for her arrival. I was mindblown by the results. From what I remember, the Astrologer knew very private information about me which she couldn't have gotten from anyone else (she was in London and we were doing this session via Skype). And she also had very sound advice on how to move forward from my past live hurdles --which keeps re-enacting in this lifetime because I haven't made the necessary corrections.

If this is something that sparks interest in you, please do come hear Yael speak! It might just change or save your life!

{Sharing the Press Release from Kabbalah Philippines}

Do you know that what you’re experiencing now may have been a result of your past life?  Are you willing to make that “correction” in order to change the course of your destiny?

These questions may seem impossible to answer but to Kabbalistic astrologer, Yael Yardeni, the only question is: Are you ready to know the answer?

Yardeni’s “gift” to read the past and chart the future has made her one of the most sought-after astrologers in the world ---  the waiting period for a chart reading with Yael can be up to six months or more.

Yael is a Kabbalistic Astrologer and astrology teacher with an international reputation, practicing for the past 12 years. Her readings are grounded on the principles and teachings of Kabbalah, an ancient spiritual wisdom that speaks of free choice and the ability of each person to rise above their circumstances.  

Yael Yardeni was born and educated in France, studying mathematics, physics, and finally continuing into medical studies. In 1987, she met Rav and Karen Berg, the Kabbalah Centre's founders and soon after, changed her direction in life, choosing to leave the field of medicine to begin her study of Kabbalah.

Since then, together with her husband, Eliyahu, Yael has founded Kabbalah Centres in France, London, and Miami, and has taught in Los Angeles and Hong Kong.  Through her astrological chart readings, Yael connects thousands to their purpose in life, based on her astrological chart readings.  

Now, Filipinos need not wait that long as Yardeni will be coming to Manila for a talk “Learning the Language of the Signs: Kabbalistic Astrology with Yael Yardeni”   to be followed by-appointment-only private readings on November 4, 2015.

Upon the invitation of Kabbalah Centre Philippines (KCP) Yardeni’s visit will be coming to Asia just to visit the Philippines – and for a very compelling reason. “We are proud to say we are the biggest and perhaps busiest Kabbalah Centre study group in all of Asia,” says Sarah Weston, Filipina Kabbalah teacher  residing in London who heads KCP.

Yardeni’s Manila engagement is also seen as fortuitous given that the country is preparing for the Presidential elections next year.
Expectations are riding high on every candidate -- there is a desire for change. Yael can give us insight on the change in consciousness each of us needs to manifest to ensure that the Philippines stays on its trajectory towards growth – as we are all collectively responsible,” explains Weston.

Weston also points out that Yardeni’s talk and chart readings are open to everyone, even non-Kabbalah students. “While there are astrological influences that are specific to the individual, there are collective influences that we are all subject to as a country and community. It will be interesting for anyone who has a stake in the Philippines to hear what's in our country’s chart,” she adds.  “Karen Berg, our Spiritual Director,  says that astral influences  impel but do not compel us.  So by tapping into astral energies  available, we can be the best versions of ourselves.”   
To get a taste of Yael’s weekly astrological forecasts,
Yael’s lecture on November 4, 2015 at 7:30 pm will be at the Rockwell Cinemas at the Powerplant Mall. Yael will  give an overview of Kabbalistic Astrology and delve into each each sign, provide a forecast for Philippines, its direction for 2016 and how each sign can make use of the astral energies available in the coming year to ensure that the country and individuals  can make better choices to have a better year ahead.  Limited private astrological chart readings may also be booked, Early bird rates are available until October 13 with tickets at P1000 each, tickets purchased after then will be sold for P1500.  To inquire about tickets and private astrological chart readings: email or call 0917.584.8262

Kabbalah is a universal wisdom that can be studied by anyone regardless of their faith or path. It pre-dates the Bible and religion. Presenting the wisdom from a lineage of kabbalists, the Kabbalah Centre provides a course of study that describes the physical and spiritual laws of the universe, including human existence and the journey of the soul. With the use of Kabbalistic tools, students can improve the quality of their lives and move towards lasting joy and fulfillment. On a literal level, the word Kabbalah means “receiving.” It is the system by which we achieve true fulfillment in life.

Yael Yardeni was born and educated in France, studying mathematics, physics, and finally continuing into medical studies. In 1987, her cousin introduced her to Rabbi Berg and his wife Karen Berg, the Kabbalah Centre's founders. Upon her discovering of the secrets of Kabbalah and her meeting the Rav and Karen, Yael changed her direction in life, and chose to leave the field of medicine to begin her study of Kabbalah. Her chart readings are in no way conventional. Yael has a wide and extensive knowledge on the subject, as well as degrees in hypnotic therapy, clinical hypnotic therapy, and past life regressions.

Please contact:  

Early bird rates by October 13 of P1000
After October 13 - P1500


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