Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Doctor Doctor I am Sick

and so is my little boy :(

I am already recuperating from a nasty flu. I think I may have caught it from M then passed it to my little Santi. Poor baby. He, on the other hand is still in the perils of a cold/cough tandem. Evil, I say! It's been 3 nights of almost-no sleep for us. Imagine this- hourly interruptions of extreme screaming and crying with lots of tears. There I go, holding him, bouncing him on the ball (in the wee hours of the night til morning) When M wakes up for work I get so bitchy because of no sleep.

I read on a parenting blog (not too long ago) 'sleep is for the weak' true for me. I can't believe I've lasted this long on just a couple of hours a day. I'm operating on automatic here.

The past few days I have been harassing Santi's pedia. Yes, been a bugger because I am a first-time mum experiencing the pains of seeing her little one sick...not a good sight! What kills me is that Santi HATES it when I give him his meds and attempt to suck out his yucky phlegm from his nose. He screams BLOODY MURDER each time I do so. Para siyang kinakatay na baboy! And I'm just doing what's best for him. Haaaay. It's so hard to see Santi have such a difficult time nursing when he can't breathe from his nose. I even made M buy a vaporizer to emit steam to help Santi breathe at night. Yet he still wakes up shrieking every hour because of his cold/cough. Tough days, tough days.... I never want him to be sick EVER AGAIN. I should really improve my diet...avoid MSG and sugar as these decrease the anti-bodies in my milk. (right?)

Homeopathic meds taken (Me & Santi):

  1. Allium Cepa
  2. Vivianite
  3. Jar of Hope (for stress)
  4. Echinalyt
  5. Silver Colloid ----> Now, this is interesting. This is a new super drug. Well, not exactly a drug nor homeopathic meds but is considered advanced medicine already. A friend bought a bottle and I asked for some for Santi. It's supposed to cure anything and everything. Cool, huh? Read more here.
I do hope Santi cooperates and drinks his natural medicines so that he can be cured and I can have peace of mind and finally have some decent sleep. Then again, I don't rememeber having any since giving birth :P

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

INDIGObaby on Shop Talk ANC

INDIGObaby will be one of the guests on Shop Talk by Pia Hontiveros on Thursday 3pm.

When Santi was only 2 days old - May 11 of this year, I caught Jen Tan of in the same show talking about attachment parenting (showing her slings with her son making gulo there at the set hehe). Imagine, I was in the hospital room recovering from a CS operation watching this and thinking to myself, "Hey, I want to be just like that!"

I think that really made a difference in my outlook of what parenting should be. I can't believe that now, Santi is almost turning 7 months, Dee and I will be guesting at the very same show talking about the same issues and showcasing our very own products! (and to think I didn't have a business back then)

I'm getting cold feet as I type this because I've always looked up to the host and I know she asks smart questions so I better be ready!

Monday, November 19, 2007

My Yaya Experience

I know, I know. I have been anti-yaya ever since but starting your own business and joining bazaars and taking care of a high need infant is all too much for ANYONE. So, I finally did hire someone (against my principles) last Saturday. I instructed her to be my assistant and only carry Santi when I need to go to the bathroom, when I need to eat or when I need to speak to a client. Her name is Arlyn and well...I fired her today. Yes, Santi's first yaya only lasted 2 1/2 days.

WHY? You might ask. Well, divine intervention is why. Last weekend, at the Rockwell Urban Bazaar. There was a girl manning the booth across us. I didn't notice her lurking around and eyeing Santi until she grabbed him from my yaya-whom-I-fired. The next thing I know, Santi is in the arms of a total stranger! Of course I was curious...who is this girl and why does she insist on carrying my son, playing with him, cooing and all that?! She came up to me and said "I love him so much! What is his name?" Yes in straight impeccable English. When I answered her she even said "Pardon?" when she couldn't hear me. I was floored.

Through chats between sales, I found out that my dream yaya is named Catherine is from Bacolod and is only 18 years old. She is currently the cook of the owner of the booth beside mine and used to be a yaya before. She took care of her old employer's infant until the baby turned 3.And the clincher is this...

Santi fell asleep in her arms! Another jaw dropper! It takes me much effort for him to sleep... nurse, ball bounce, sling.... and she effortlessly made him sleep! M can't even do that!

Of course I talked to her and bugged her to work for me instead. She said she would ask permission from her current employer and give me a call soon.

Well...I still have my doubts... is this girl for real?! This might be a whole scam. She might have slipped sleeping potion onto Santi while I wasn't looking. I have to think of these's my son we are talking about! You can't just trust anyone these!

I also have my issues still with yayas:
  • I get annoyed whenever I see a yaya hold him - with the useless-one-I-fired I was sooooo annoyed! Each time she would get Santi from me, I would get him back within minutes!
  • I still insist on bathing him, feeding him (nurse/solid), hold him when asleep - what else will my yaya do?!
  • I get so jealous seeing the yaya playing with Santi - I still want to spend every second with my baby! These are precious times! Why watch Santi waste it away with a stranger when he can be with me?!?!
There...those are just my top 3 that I have to deal with before I can actually hire one. For now, mama's back to being Santi's one and only! :D

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Baby on Solids

We were all very eager to start WagoBear on solids - BLW style of course! Well, I honestly had mixed feelings because I was afraid that he would nurse less....NOT!!! He nurses the same, thank god! I really am not ready for the real weaning bit although I know the process has started. I just hope it's a looooong ass process because I want to breastfeed forever!!! Also, I read that it's all just play for babies up until they reach age 1. So, for now, it's just food orientation for you Santi!

Starting on fruits ----

Day 1: I want to PLAY!

Day 2: Hmmm.. what to do with these bananas?

Day 3: I like these red plums!

That's all folks. More of Santi eating adventures soon! I urge other moms to read on Baby Led Weaning. It's fantastic!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


M and I woke up to a loud thud this morning. My heart raced as I jumped off the bed to see my baby boy lying on the floor and crying in distress. He rolled off the bed!

Me: OHMYGOD! Santiiiiii!!!!!! (almost in tears)
M: MOMMY!!!!!!!!!! (in tears)
Santi: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! (a looot of tears)

Santi, M and I believe, cried more because he heard his parents screaming. He probably felt all the tension and worry. How can we not?! Our baby boy, just 6 months old, fell off the bed. I wanted to fall off the bed myself so I could feel his pain too. I feel so guilty for this incident. I should have moved him in the middle, I should have placed a pillow, I should have so many things!

Grrrr.... this must have happened because recently, I have been talking to relatives about our fear of Santi falling off the bed. Or maybe that was an actual premonition and I should have listened to my intuition! Ayayay...

Now, my darling has a nasty bukol on his forehead. And I am on the look out for anything odd. (You wont imagine how many times I bugged my pedia today though!) Bummer... I just feel really horrible. I pray to all the gods that my baby boy is alright. I will exchange my life for it!

Happy 1/2 Year Santipooch!

Nov. 9, 2007---We've gone this far my love... 1/2 a year. You have grown so much my dear little one. It's truly a miracle that I was able to sustain you with ONLY my milk... giving part of myself to you each day. And so, now that you are a little bit older, we begin a new adventure...a fun one (one of my fave activities!) EATING! I just know that you'll enjoy it as much as your parents and grandparents do!

Stay tuned for 'Santi starting on solids' photos and videos!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mummy is a Busy Bee

As all of you know, I have been extremely busy setting up my new biz plus taking care of my almost 6 month old baby boy. He is a handful (still and forever will be) because he is, I believe, about 23 pounds...can you believe?! He weighs more than my friend's 2 year old son!

So, now I know why Kali exists (the Hindu Goddess who has several arms). Because moms like me could use them for multi-tasking. Usually, I do two or more things all at the same time. Carry Santi or bounce while nursing, PLUS attending to emails or sales or inventory. Look at photo below to get a clear picture (literally) Oh, don't mind the hideous jammies. hehe

Here I am nursing while bouncing while reading The Indigo Child

Some updates:

We spent the long holiday at the beach (where else?!) and had heaps of fun! Santi truly enjoyed being out in the sun, near the ocean where the sound of the waves calm him. If only we lived by the beach, his fussiness would disappear. Yes, he barely had an attack when we were there.

More updates:

Santi does this weird thing now with his hands. They flap just like the Chinese lucky cat I know all babies do that a reflex? It looks funny. Flappy arms like that.

Whatelse? He can also suck on his toes when I put him down on a sitting position (because he cant support himself upright just yet!)

There you go... more of Santi milestones shared :) Watch out for feeding videos very soon! Good night world...


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