Monday, January 30, 2012

Fuerza Bruta

I have always been a visual person. Following Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory, I fall on the bracket of Spatial-Visual and Body Kinesthetic. Perhaps, this is the reason why I majored in Media Productions back in college. I am simply fascinated with the visual arts. Ask my husband, I am ALWAYS moved by what I see and it corresponds a lot to my emotions. Heck, I even took one semester in Theater Arts at the University of the Philippines (I thought I wanted to become an actress). It does not surprise me that Santi has this visual gene as well. He sees everything and is absorbed by what he sees, just like his mommy :P

Hold on to your seats for the wildest show of your life... Fuerta Bruza (Brute Force) will be coming to Manila soon.

"Fuerza Bruta will captivate audience members as soon as they step into the Manila Hotel Tent, which will be transformed into an alternate universe with thumping beats, engaging dream sequences, and even a multidimensional swimming pool above the heads of the audience as they stand in the middle of the action.

Breaking free from the confines of spoken language and theatrical convention, Fuerza Bruta is an event where worlds collide and reality takes a back seat. At show time, audiences are engulfed in a 360-degree spectacle featuring mind-blowing visual effects within inches of the audience that must be seen to be believed - a man running full throttle on a giant treadmill, bursting through a series of moving walls; tumbling performers suspended in mid-air; beautiful dancers in a clear pool overhead."

Prepare yourself for some mind-blowing stuff! Leave the kids behind, this one's going to rock you and your date's night out. Check this video out.

Show starts February 14 at the Manila Hotel Tent.

Show schedules and prices:
Monday-Thursday 8pm Php2,500
Friday & Saturday 8pm and 11pm Php3,000

For more information, please check out the following websites:
FuerzaBrutaMNL (Facebook & Twitter)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm a Little Indian Boy!

Santi and I were thrilled to FINALLY attend one of Kai's famous themed birthday bashes. In the past years, he's had other creative concept parties like "Where the Wild Things Are", "Tarzan", etc. Too bad we weren't in Manila to witness the ingenuity of his mother, graphic designer extraordinaire, Noelle aka Wanderlust for all those thrown before. But we're mighty glad we were there yesterday to experience it all first-hand. She practically DIYed this whole event (as always!).

Our fave artist, Noelle designed the cute party invite

Benny bursting out of the teepee (also designed and made by the host)
Noelle has been vegetarian since high school and so when she became a mom, she decided that her son, Kai would be one too. Of course, the party menu was all veg. Check out the yummy & healthy grubs!

Bread & Brie plated amongst cute Indian touches
Noelle's alternative to rice
Blackbean Burgers from Pipino
DIY Tacos
Vegan Mac N Cheese from Pipino (made from cashew cheese!)
Apple Juice in vintage bottles
Healthy Raw Vegan Barbecue Snacks
Better than the usual butter or MSG flavored popcorn
New snack idea for the kids! It had oats, choco bits and peanut butter.
Choco Smores Birthday Cake by Alessa of Pipino
Meet Manila's Martha Stewart...Noelle Hilario :)

Thanks for putting this all together! At the end of the day, you know that these precious kids grow up too fast so best to make beautiful memories to last a lifetime :)
Kai sucking the lolly with his friends. It's such a joy to see our kids growing up together :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Are You A New Age Man?

And here's yet another hilarious spin-off from Stuff New Age Girls Say video... the men say some funny stuff too! Are you a new age man? Check to find out!

AGY: Flying Fitness & Restorative

Another awesome AntiGravity Yoga workshop coming up next week at The Farm at San Benito! Woot!

I'm going to assist her on January 29, Sunday so come say HI :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yummy Mummy: Pam Begre

Hello, readers :)

I've decided to add a special section to my blog featuring different Yummy Mummies that spark inspiration and spread love in the lives of others.

7 months pregnant with her two dogs, Nori & Chilli
unedited photo by Miguel Miranda

Name: Pamela Ayson Begre

Child: Severin Begre "Sevi" due Feb 11, 2012

Occupation: Wife and soon-to-be Mom! Businesswoman- 360 Fitness Club Makati/partner & DAGC Gallery/partner, licensed realtor. Food enthusiast, travel bug & student of life!

Your Dharma or Life's Purpose
I really believe that my life mission is to be the best wife and mom that I can be. Nurturing my family is my way of contributing to the world in supporting them in making a difference. I've come to realize that nurturing is my strong suit, so I hope to do this not just for my husband but for my son and our future children. Same goes for friends that I really care about.

First Dance stolen shot taken by Mango Red

People Who Inspire You
My husband- He works hard with so much passion and fun. As a witness to all that he does, he never fails to inspire me to make my dreams come true while having fun in the process.

My dad- He's been gone 6 years but his love and care for other people resonates each day. I love it when I randomly meet someone new and they share fond memories about my dad and how selfless he was. His wise words passed on to me while growing up are my true treasures to guide me each day.

Gwyneth Paltrow - she's got work-life balance all figured out. Family first, always, for her but she still finds time doing all sorts of things that she loves (cooking, traveling, acting, etc)

Favorite Family Getaway
Sunset view from their home away from the urban jungle

Our beach home. Our home away from home, our own slice of paradise. Here we get to spend time together, get lost in our hobbies, find time to catch up with good friends, etc. 

Most Precious Moments in Motherhood
Too many! No matter how small or big, each moment has been such a great part of my pregnancy journey. 

Top 3 faves:
1. Feeling Sevi's kicks for the first time and sharing the moment with my husband.
2. Finding out that we're having a boy (both of us really want boy first).
3. Humbling realization of the miracle growing inside me and that I am responsible for the life of this human being!

Dreams Realized

A moment remembering her father
I have been blessed with a wonderful life because I have realized that indeed, life is too short. I've made a decision when my dad passed away, to live my life to the fullest with happiness and no regrets. He lived his life well and although still very sad and missing him, I take comfort in the fact that he lived his life well and it was really time for him to go.
I live by inspirational sayings such as "Carpe Diem," or that Emirates ad copy that says "When was the last time you did something for the first time?" Paolo Coelho wrote in the Alchemist 'if you really desire something, the whole universe will conspire to help you.' But for me, this can only happen when desired with the best and purest intentions.
I sometimes feel that I am not doing enough, only because life is so cool and there are so many things to discover! Yet I also learned that we are human and we have limitations. Slowing down and appreciating each dream unfold is also important, rather than rushing and wanting to do everything at the same time.
At the age of 28, I can proudly say that I've done/tried what I've wanted to do: travel, travel, travel, be it alone or with friends or with my fave travel buddy (my husband). To support this dream, I put up my own business and have explored different industries as well to see where I fit the most. My latest role as a wife and a mom has been the greatest so far and as I am new to these roles, I really believe that I am destined to have these as my primary roles in life. That all these experiences and decisions that I've made have led me to this path. It's an incredible feeling and I only wish the same for all, that each would discover their paths in life while truly enjoying each moment!

Dreams To be Manifested
I also have some dreams that might be weird for other people, such as adopting a school to make it better. Education is key! Or being involved in a train project one day that can help transportation woes here in the Philippines. For my family, whatever dreams they may have become mine as well and I'm there to support them!
All these serious words seem grand, but I take joy in the simple dreams realized and to be realized. As long as we're happy and healthy with love all around, then I've realized my dreams. Everything else that come my way are yummy cherries on top! There are still a lot of dreams to pursue, items in my bucket list to cross off, but it always comes back to this resonating thought--being there for others, always.

Thoughts on Marriage and Life with Husband

Sunshiney days in Sagada
I feel very blessed for having a wonderful one. Marriage should be based on love and filled with respect for each other, guided by God. Each day I discover that the more I give, the happier I am. Making my husband happy is something that I value, for he makes me so happy. Giving him any less than what he deserves from me would be a shame. Each day we learn something from each other and having a partner witnessing your life unfold is really something special. Life is too precious and short not to be shared.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fashion Struggles with My Boys

In his element: naked under the Palawan sun during one picnic trip to the river.

My son takes after his father. It really is a challenge to get both of them to wear anything beyond t-shirt and shorts. If they could, they would be half-naked all day, just like they were in Palawan.

Boat ride around the islands of El Nido

So, whenever we get invited to weddings and are part of the entourage, I cringe at the thought of the fittings and wedding day itself (it seems that these are forms of torture for my boys). My son  complains of the itchy barong fabric or whatever formal outfit he is being asked to wear. Soon enough I know he will start to cry. See photo below from my wedding in 2008.

Santi very very annoyed at this point
 Sometimes, with a lot of convincing talks and bribes, it all starts okay. Below is a photo of Santi in full outfit sans the barong. We've learned to put the barong at the very last minute right before he walks if he is a bearer.

Then right after the ceremony, he changes into something he feels more comfortable in. His everyday get up- shorts and a t-shirt. Good thing this beach wedding was pretty chill and everyone was asked to wear the flip-flop giveaways during the reception.

And don't get me started on Halloween.

Are You Into New Age?

Becausee if you are...then you will resonate with this video. Another spin-off from the recent "Stuff Yogi's Say" video that went viral on YouTube. Hilarious stuff! Half of the things she said, I've probably said to my family and friends.

I so know you from a past-life!
I'm changing my name to...
What sign are you?
Ugh, I'm so detoxing right now
I'm like 80% raw
I love Deepak Chopra!
I love your energy!
Awww, you're such a cancer!
What's your sign?
Is this organic?
Did you eat all my chia seeds?
Even if I ate cheese today, I totally love and accept myself.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On Magazines & Vegan Cupcakes

Grab copies of Preview and Women's Health Jan-Feb issue because they've got awesome features on Yoga (AntiGravity!), vegan/vegetarian restaurants and travel to exotic places like Myanmar.

Preview: Margo Lao (a co-teacher in AntiGravity Yoga) writes about her trip to Myanmar with FLOW Surf Yoga Samba mentioned in the side bar :)

Women's Health: Dharma models with professional models :P


Check out the chaturanga arms.

Women's Health: Anna Carbonell on the AntiGravity Yoga spread

They've also featured top vegan restaurants in Women's Health. Awesome list to check out!
And because it's the start of the new year, I haven't had a single milk tea (just yet!). Instead, I'm hoping to stick to healthier snack/dessert choices.  Just yesterday, my friend Kris Tamayo sent me a batch of vegan chocolate cupcakes to try. Thanks!!!

They were moist, yummy and filling! I wonder how she made them egg-less. Even my non-vegetarian sisters enjoyed them :) Order these healthy goodies from @GourmetCups on twitter for P180 / half a dozen. For pick up at Bel-Air, Makati.

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!

More Fun in The Philippines!

Sorry for my continued absence my darling dears! I have been busy living la vida loca! It's been 3 months since I moved back to the BIG (not-so-bad) CITY and I've been teaching yoga regularly at Pulse & Beyond Yoga studio, trained for AntiGravity Yoga with Christopher Harrison at The Farm in San Benito and yes, the holidays got to me too.

What better way to get my blogging debut rolling is with the hot viral campaign of Department of Tourism...#ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines! Hanging Out is definitely more fun out here ;)

And since this is my very first (delayed) post for 2012, here's an inspiring video to welcome you all to the new year! Oh, the places you'll go...based on Dr. Seuss's final book before his death, this is a story about life's ups and downs... 

I've got lots up my sleeve so keep posted for more exciting news from this yogini-yummymum's life! Talk to you soon. xoxo


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