Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ilog Maria Propolis Tooth Powder Review

New in my arsenal of natural products is the Propolis Tooth Powder from Ilog Maria Honey Bee Farm. I've stopped using conventional toothpaste for many years knowing that many of the ingredients used are neurotoxic. You read that right. Ingredients like flouride, saccharine and sodium laurate sulfate are bad for your brain and are cancerous. Even in small increments, everything we take do add up and may do us harm. Good thing there are more local products that actually care about your health (and not just make money out of consumers!).

I do make my own homemade toothpaste with baking powder and pure essential oils but I have to admit, it tastes nasty. And since the paste I make is usually in a ceramic jar, it isn't very travel friendly either. This pot from Ilog Maria is handy enough for travel and yes, tastes way better than what I make at home :P

Ilog Maria Honey Bee Farm
Silang, Cavite

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mom School Learning Through Play with Sun Life

Last Saturday, I was invited by Janice of Mommy Mundo to participate at Mom School with Sun Life. I eagerly joined because of the educational nature of the event which I used as a bonding activity with my older child. (I make sure we have weekly dates!) We played their newest product, Praxis, a really genius board game similar to Monopoly. It teaches all the principles of saving and economics through play. I so sooooo love this concept! 

I am a believer of learning through play which I speak a lot about here on this blog because I am a Waldorf Education advocate (where learning is based on real play, imitation, movement, etc.) as well as my travel blog on kids where we learn through travel, mostly outdoors.

Lessons Learned

Well, in that single session I learned so much about how crucial it is to be saving and investing because of unforeseen emergencies which we experienced first-hand on the game board! 

I admit, I am not fond of "worrying" and saving for the future because I have a "live today as if it is your last day on Earth" attitude. I honestly would rather spend my money on travel and food :P My husband truly balances me out because he grounds me in many ways (like in finances!).

Again, I was reminded that we do need passive income if we want money to be working for us.

The data for the Mocha Frapuccino Savings Study proves that if you spend on coffee everyday for a year, it amounts to over P50,000 which could be invested and in 40 years amount to over 2 Million pesos! Wow. That's radical discipline for me. A huge lesson on my part to commit to saving for 40 years!

Sun Life a wide range of products and services: investments and insurance plans which will suit any of your family's needs. I was surprised to learn they even have kasambahay / nanny cards which can help add value to your contracts. Perhaps this is a game changer when considering loyalty to work and employers which is what we all currently need, right?

To learn more about Sun Life's offerings, please contact an agent who will help you learn the meaning of financial freedom. I know I need the help!

Sun Life of Canada, Philippines
2/F Sun Life Centre
5th Avenue corner Rizal Drive
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City 1634
Tel No. 849-9888

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Natural Beauty Botanical Skin Treatment: Skin Need Now Available in Manila!

I've always intended Natural Beauty to be one of the major components in this blog. I do want to share with you readers skin products that are both effective and have good ingredients, too! To my delight, a friend sent me this natural line of skin essentials from Skin Need made from the USA for review. These products are now exclusively distributed by Facets and Figures Facial and Slimming Spa.

The international website for Skin Need states that their products are: 
"Naturally Derived, Scientifically Proven, Perfectly Delivered Formulated using pure-grade and naturally-derived substances that are also found in the human body, the formulas focus on enhanced delivery of active ingredients into deep layers of the skin to ignite noticeable improvements in skin condition, skin texture, radiance, resilience, and resistance against aging, pollutants, and oxidizing agents that are primarily the cause of various skin problems."

Aside from packaging (for which I am a huge sucker for in products) what really matters is what they are made from. I have started getting really critical on what goes inside stuff I use on my skin because the skin is our largest organ after all! I counter check with the website EWG on toxicity levels because my gosh, many of what is available in the market is actually pretty hazardous on our bodies! I am also a firm believer in Mother Nature and its ability to heal all things. So, to discover products which are botanically derived is almost like manna from heaven to me! I couldn't find a full listing of ingredients on Skin Need but based on what's listed on their packaging, it has passed EWG's cosmetic database standards. So, let's hope that their claims are true!

So happy with my new skin loot! Here's what they are:

Deep Cleanser: A botanically derived moderate foam cleanser to naturally lighten and brighten dry skin. Allergy-tested and suitable for sensitive skin. Amphiphilic property to remove oil as well as water based make-up for a thorough and comfortable cleansing effect.

Deep Toner: Alcohol and oil free to filter remaining impurities on the skin while balancing the skin's pH level to help better absorb the next products in line.

Oil Free Moisturizer with SPF 18: An oil-free formulation to reduce shine and control moisture balance. Non-comedogenic, paraben and additive free, hydrates the skin .

I've already used these 3 products today! Verdict: They are very light on skin which I like! And no stinging or itchy sensation on my sensitive skin which is vital because I tend to get these reactions from any regular products in the market. I will use the 2 natural beauty products below starting tonight!

100% Hyaluronic Acid: Formulated for all skin types. Pure water soluble & naturally derived Hyaluronic Acid. Balances moisture levels for healthy skin and radiant glow. Nature's ideal moisturizing factor in its purest form. Strong water-binding ability to increase suppleness of skin.

Intense Nano Lift + Peptides: For all skin types, especially treats wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity
Propriety peptides to modulate muscle contraction to prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Stimulates collagen growth for a smoother and finer skin surface. Nano-sized particles to facilitate ingredient delivery into the skin. Oil-free formula for light and refreshing texture; 100% non-comedogenic.

According to Mhayzel Salas, owner of Facets and Figures Slimming Spa, this is how I should be using them:

In the morning:

Cleanser 1 pump. Apply on dry face. Lather and rinse.

Toner 1 pump with cotton. Apply on freshly cleansed face.
Hyaluronic 3 drops is enough to cover the whole face. Forehead and both cheeks. Massage gently.
Intense nano lift + peptides 3 drops is enough to cover the whole face. Forehead and both cheeks. Massage gently.

Moisturizer 1 pump enough to cover the whole face.
In the evening:

Hyaluronic 3 drops is enough to cover the whole face. Forehead and both cheeks. Massage gently.

Cleanser 1 pump. Apply on dry face. Lather and rinse.
Toner 1 pump with cotton. Apply on freshly cleansed face.
Intense nano lift + peptides 3 drops is enough to cover the whole face. Forehead and both cheeks. Massage gently.

Reading it alone feels like a personal facial everyday from home! Wonderful, isn't it? Their all natural treatments are the oxygen facials which uses these products in their spa. They also have products that can treat psoriasis and eczema and chicken skin! Mothers, you would be pleased to know that they have facials and products safe from pregnant and breastfeeding women!

Mhayzel also informed me that she used the aloe vera and hyaluronic serums when she was sunburned 2 weeks ago while surfing in la union and it cooled and healed her skin without having to peel at all! Yes, that's exactly what I want to hear for the beach-loving family that I have!

Facets and Figures Facial and Slimming Spa 
L2 The Rock Lifestyle Hub Building 
Holy Spirit Drive corner De Leon St. Isidora Hills 
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Landline (02)3511317
Mobile +63917-3196830

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram, too!

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Anahata Exchange

76 weeks ago I posted this image on my Instagram feed (@dharmadreamsbig)

"I would like to believe that paper money is NOT the only form of currency available for people to thrive and enjoy products & services.  
To test it out within my sphere, I am doing an Energy Exchange project because I know we all have something meaningful we can share. 
Here's how it works: I will offer pop up yoga in exchange for anything that you think is worth the class. Ex. plants, organic / farm products (fruits / vegetables), homeopathic remedies, massage. meditation/art/diy workshops, homemade pastries or any loving made food item, books on healing, science .anatomy or wellness, any natural toys or materials my kids can use for learning, gcs...whatever!"

Well, it took more than a year for this project to manifest because the idea needed another soul for it to kickstart. When I met my friend Allenie, I knew that we had the same vibrational frequency for spreading positivity in our circles so we decided to team up and look for other community members (still on the look out!) to create Anahata Exchange which has been recently put up on Instagram @anahataexchange and on Facebook as a community page.

So what is Anahata? Anahata in Sanskrit means Heart. The community is all about sharing the love energy. In a nutshell it's all about living freely, spreading positivity, trading as currency, and supporting local products and services. One of the projects of Anahata Exchange is the Barter Classes 101. See infographic below:

I did my first Anahata Exchange yoga class at Mandala Park in Shaw Mandaluyong a few weeks back. 

The past few days, I have been exchanging kombucha starter kits for things that I need like a cake stand, a hilot massage and food!

If this kind of thing interests you, please do join the Anahata Exchange community on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. We would love to exchange energies with you! We've all got something to share. Money is over-rated, when there is an abundance of talent and goods among us people so let us empower ourselves!

See you in one of the Anahata Exchange pop ups and events!


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