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The Hunt Begins: Kolisko Waldorf School

Earlier today, we attended an open house orientation at the Kolisko Waldorf School. YummyMummy Denise and I have started to hunt for a new Waldorf school for our kids, Benny & Santi, because they will be turning 5 in a few months, which means they have to 'graduate' from the Waldorf Daycare program of St. Michael Playhouse (formerly known as Mikael). Oh, we're going to miss you all Tita Winnie, Tita Marcy, Tita Malou and Tito Allan! :_(

Tiny Santi & Benny back in 2010 at St. Michael's Playhouse
We've always resonated with the Waldorf philosophy on education since we attended a talk conducted by one of the founders of Manila Waldorf School, Tita Bella Tan, back in 2009. I've said this before and I'll say it again...If you are a parent, you MUST listen to her speak about saving your kids' childhood (lives, really!) through age-appropriate education, and your life will be changed forever! Another inspiration I found online was through the blog of Panjee Tapales, a huge eye-opener! I truly felt a spark lit in me. Everything just made so much sense. I thank my path to Yoga because now I am able to merge my yogic values with that of my sons education.

Snack time at a Waldorf school assures you they serve homemade, healthy meals
In a nutshell, what I like most about the school is that they see a child as not only a physical & mental entity but also respect a child's SOUL. This is obviously lacking in other schools. Take a look at the toys of other schools. Mostly made from plastic in China, I bet. I recall asking our much-loved pediatrician, Dr. Crickette Palanca-Chen, why wooden toys are better. She answered that handmade toys are warmer to touch and have better intentions rather than factory mass-made plastic toys that are cold to touch. Now that I am into energy-work, I understand this concept very much. It's the same reason why home-cooked food meals made with love by your Lola or Mom have the power to heal...because of the intention they have poured into the food.

One of the speakers at Kolisko today mentioned that the attitude of the teacher in his Waldorf school made all the difference in his early education. Always remember that the children imbibe the feelings/emotions of their nurturers. This is why parents should always keep calm around their children. If parents are away at work, please be mindful of who you leave your children with. Your yayas or teachers are considered second parents. In Waldorf schools, they call teachers nurturers because that IS what they are, afterall!

Also consider the food the canteen sells or what other parents serve in the children's lunchboxes. When Santi used to attend non-Waldorf schools, I would cringe every snack time seeing all his other classmates eating packed junk. If you are a mindful/conscious parent, like I strive to be, you would understand where I am coming from.

Here are other reasons on Why Waldorf Works (via

Waldorf Education

  • Is based on a profound understanding of human development
  • Provides a detailed, richly artistic curriculum that responds to and enhances the child's developmental phases, from early childhood through high school
  • Cultivates social and emotional intelligence
  • Connects children to nature
  • Ignites passion for lifelong learning
  • Is the fastest growing educational movement in the world

About Waldorf Graduates 

According to a recent study of Waldorf graduates:

  • 94% attended college or university
  • 47% chose humanities or arts as a major
  • 42% chose sciences or math as a major
  • 89% are highly satisfied in choice of occupation
  • 91% are active in lifelong education
  • 92% placed a high value on critical thinking
  • 90% highly values tolerance of other viewpoints 

More on Waldorf Methods here. 

This is WHY we moved to Palawan before.

When we moved to Palawan 2 years ago, I felt that the lush environment was perfect for a Waldorf school. I know it wasn't just coincidence that Walter and Grace Zozobrado-Hahn (of the Manila Waldorf School) also moved to Puerto Princesa the same time my family did. We did some early education initiatives, trainings and was successful in a start-up Waldorf-inspired school for the children of Puerto Princesa which we named Karawatan which means playground in the local dialect of Palawan.

Now that we are back in Manila. I have to make a crucial decision before school starts in June. I know that the people (teachers & classmates) he spends time with & experiences in these developmental stages of my son will help shape his future. My top choices are Kolisko Waldorf School and Acacia Waldorf School. Here are a few photos from the Kolisko Waldorf School taken today.

A child's growth & consciousness development (ages not seen on the left side!)

Bahay Kubo where kids can play
All-natural surroundings are soothing to the eyes. None of the bright, harsh & stimulating colors you find in other schools.
Artworks proudly presented on the walls with traditional Filipino wear to the right
Things to Consider

My Pros:
  • Close proximity to Beyond Yoga (where I teach yoga classes).
  • More affordable tuition fees compared to what I pay in St. Michael and in Acacia Waldorf School.
  • Kai, the son of my good friend, also goes to school there. Other classmates of Santi in St. Michael will be moving to Kolisko next school year. It's good to know Santi already has friends he can bond with.
My Cons
  • Limited space to roam & run for the children.
  • No grass in the playground.
  • Since they are expanding, the might need to look for a bigger venue in the future.

Kolisko Waldorf School
Address: 22 Alabama St. Brgy. Kristong Hari, New Manila, Quezon City
Contact Number: +639204023860

I plan to visit the Acacia Waldorf School with Santi this Friday. Stay tuned!


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