Monday, May 30, 2011

To India!

(Click to enlarge)

It seems that I've waited my whole life for this trip. Yes, I finally purchased my tickets together with awesome yummy mummy friends, almost a year ahead for INDIAaaah! had a promo until yesterday to Delhi from KL which I got for about P11,000 roundtrip. This is a steal because other airlines charge about P50,000 just to get there. So, I'm quite excited for Feb 2012! This one will totally rock :)

Picturesque El Nido

We went to El Nido and stayed in Corong-Corong for a short family vacation, well...we crashed Montri's friends vacation :) Thanks to Carlo Cecilio for these amazing shots!I had a great time and wish to be back real soon. Can't get enough of summer here in Palawan!


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