Monday, December 15, 2014

What's Inside "The Bliss Box"?

Of all the days my daughter's teething fever could have erupted, it had to choose one of the busiest days I had in my planner and the very same day of the Blissmakerie event by Martine of Make It Blissful. As a mother, family comes first so I had to miss this exciting event at Scarsdale Artisanal Delights (!) dedicated to some of the game changers and promising talents in the Manila blogging scene. 

Despite me feeling utterly devastated for having missed a wonderful get together of creative forces (I was ogling at all the photos! Check #Blissmakerie2014 on IG!), I know there will be another time so I look forward the the 2015 events!

Thanks to Martine who thoughtfully saved me a Bliss Box and hand carried it as we met up quickly in our neighborhood mall for a quick chat in between mommy errands and work. 

So, what's in the Bliss Box anyway? Oh, it seems all things blissful, of course! Martine curated some of her favorite brands that have products to remind all recipients to take care of themselves. 

Hurraw! All Natural Lipbalm from one of my favorite go to shops

A treat for my smoothies! Tahitian Organic Vanilla Bean from The Vanilla Company 

For Maya's bedside table! A Vanilla scented wooden Bear from A Vanilla Story

For Mommy :) Philosophy's Hope In A Jar and Microdelivery Wash and Facial GC

Craftsmith Living postcards and gift tags which are so useful this Christmas. I have yet to visit their showroom for some design inspiration.

Watercolor postcards from

A nail polish brand I personally use and collect myself! Zoya is 3-free and safe (enough) for preggies and moms

Much-needed Mommy flats from Yosi Samra

Jean Perry Hand Towel from

Heima Store Olive Room Spray

The box itself was from Print Cafe. I collect these boxes for all my art and crafts supplies at home. 

I want to thank Martine for putting this all together! And to the sponsors for all my early Christmas presents! Yes, this Bliss Box is a wonderful package for all women, mother or not, to care for themselves because we can only give from what we have. On an energetic perspective, it makes so much sense!

I look forward to 2015 Bliss boxes! Watch out for it :)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Waldorf Education: And Why Is That? Part 2

For those of you that missed the first workshop, Susan Quimpo is offering a second run! You MUST attend if you are a parent or want to be someday. Even if you never intend to have children, this stuff is phenomenal to learn for self-healing and more!


The simple act of drawing a circle and trying form drawing meant for Grade 1 students can relieve the early signs of trauma -- why is that?

When my child misbehaves, his teacher checks him with a "pedagogical" story -- why is that?

When my child and his teacher draws, people have no facial features, and there is an emphasis on painterly versus solid line drawings -- why is that?

Educational videos, even those from National Geographic, are not used in Waldorf schools -- why is that?

The Waldorf teachers wear violet on Mondays, red on Tuesdays, yellow on Wednesdays... why is that? Kolisko Waldorf School presents...


The simple act of drawing a circle and trying form drawing meant for Grade 1 students can relieve the early signs of trauma -- why is that?

When my child misbehaves, his teacher checks him with a "pedagogical" story -- why is that?

When my child and his teacher draws, people have no facial features, and there is an emphasis on painterly versus solid line drawings -- why is that?

Educational videos, even those from National Geographic, are not used in Waldorf schools -- why is that?

The Waldorf teachers wear violet on Mondays, red on Tuesdays, yellow on Wednesdays... why is that?

Learn, like your child, through experience.  Join a two-day workshop with Waldorf parent and art therapist Susan F. Quimpo  and experience the answers to the above questions.  Through discussions and simple art exercises, learn by doing and understand the "whys" behind the Waldorf curriculum.  Participants with or without (even better!) any art background are welcome.

Open to teachers, parents and adult friends 
Maximum number of participants: 20
Please bring crayons, colored pencils, Soft Pastels (Mungyo brand, box of 12), 1-inch masking tape, painting board (if you have one), ruler.  Paper will be made available at cost during the workshop.  Bring lunch and snacks.

WORKSHOP DATES:  December 19-20, 2014 (Friday-Saturday)
TIME: Promptly at 9:30am through 3:30pm

P150/day - for KWS teachers and staff  
P300/day for KWS parents 
P450/day for guests

WORKSHOP VENUE:  I-House, 161 Judge Juan Luna St, SFDM
Directions: From West Ave. turn into Baler St (a Shell gas station is at the corner).  Stay on Baler St. & count 4 streets on your right. Make a right on Judge Juan Luna St. Look for Judge Juan Luna High School - across the school gate is an open gate with the numbers 161-old/81 new.  Go in and follow the dirt road.  Turn into the driveway of the first old brown/white wooden house on your right.

Due to limited parking, participants are encouraged to meet at KWS and carpool to workshop venue which is a few blocks away from the school.

TO REGISTER: Call or text Merci Silangan at KWS (landline) 921-3974 or Mobile 0917.403.6483.

* Susan F Quimpo holds a post graduate diploma in Anthroposophic Arts for Health Training given by Hibernia College in co-operation with the Medical Section at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland.  Using the Waldorf curriculum, she has provided trauma relief work for Yolanda victims, facilitated therapeutic art workshops in prisons, civil society groups, schools and youth groups.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Healthy Recipe: Coco Chia

We've been cooped up at home because of Typhoon Ruby and my daughter has teething fever so rest and sleep is what we've been doing. When I have extra time, I try to create something with my hands, in the kitchen or crafts for the holidays. (because it's therapeutic!)

Here's something refreshing and healthy to drink. It's really easy to make, too! I highly recommend it to nursing mothers and those who exercise a lot because we lose water and essential minerals whenever we sweat. The main ingredient of this drink is COCONUTS, rich in vitamins, nutirents and electrolytes. I must have said it here before, that I chose to be born in the Philippines because we have an abundance of coconuts - which is my favorite health drink!

Time to make the COCO CHIA drink :)

Coconut juice
Young coconut meat
Pre-soacked Chia seeds (at least 30 minutes in water)
Natural sweetener like Tobee's Apiary (optional)

Directions: If you want it real easy, just blend coconut meat, coconut water/juice and then mix in presoaked chia seeds. I choose to add pure honey because it tastes better with a little sweetener. Expect your husband and kids to finish it before you can even take a sip! If you want a shake version of this, you may add nutmilk and ice but I prefer having my drinks without ice.

Want to know more nutritional benefits to this simple drink? Mercola says coconut water is --

  • Rich in natural vitamins (especially the B vitamins), minerals, and trace elements (including zinc, selenium, iodine, sulfur, and manganese). Vitamins are necessary for the enzymatic reactions your cells need in order to function.
  • Full of amino acids, organic acids, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.
  • Rich source of electrolytes and natural salts, especially potassium and magnesium.
  • Light, low-calorie and nearly fat-free, as well as low in sugar but pleasantly sweet—contains about a fifth of the sugar of other fruit juices, like apple or grape juice, as well as containing a little fiber to moderate absorption.
  • Rich in cytokinins, or plant hormones, which have anti-aging, anti-cancer, and anti-thrombolytic effects in humans.
Go to your local market and stock up on fresh coconuts (buko) it ony costs 20-30 Philippine pesos per piece (.50 cents!). 

Tobee's Apiary honey is unprocessed and unheated. Available at Backyard Farms

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Lessons from Lawrence Pradhan

I remember meeting Lawrence a few years back at the Asia Yoga Conference. We attended lectures by Carlos Pomeda together with Marah, a Filipina HK-based yoga teacher I knew. (his girlfriend back then but wife now!)

I didn't know he was teaching Yoga and was surprised at how graceful he is! Watch video below:

Read Will Tan's testimonial as a student of Lawrence--

I got to know Lawrence when I was starting to explore my passion for Yoga back in 2012. I was very intense then, coming from my hot yoga background and working with studios that wanted to just deepen asanas. I took his weekend workshop and in the process I got to discover another side of Yoga -- go beyond the physicality of Yoga. It wasn't an instant discovery, it took a while, even during the workshop, I found myself getting frustrated if I couldn't come to the pose. every class I'd come into prior would always be giving standard cues, I'd get into the poses but there was nothing smart about how I got into it. I learned intelligent movement in the practice with Lawrence, which body, muscle, movement you need to, to come into your asana properly. This way you don't get hurt, and you go deeper into your practice. 

More than the alignment, one thing he taught me is to be soft, "have the softness quality in your practice", he would always say. I share this a lot to my students, especially the new ones who come into class thinking they want to get into a headstand the very first day of class. Of course most would not understand. What I learned is that with softness comes patience, pausing, thinking intelligently, and many more qualities that help you understand your practice, and your self more. 

In many things that we do, we need time and experience to further harness the skill. Even the most talented people will need to practice over and over again to be better at their craft. I believe that Yoga is a lifetime practice. through my teacher, and his teachers, I encourage my students to take your time, soften youself, enjoy the process, study it and having all this, allow yourself to go deeper into the stillness."

Will Tan is one of the teachers at Beyond Yoga. Lawrence will be teaching master classes at Beyond Yoga QC on Dec 12 and Beyond Yoga BHS on Dec 13. See you there!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Gift Guide for Healthy Foodie Friends & Family

My husband calls me a major foodie. I like good food and don't mind spending on it because that was the way I was raised. I grew up accompanying my mom to the market (where I fell into a dirty ditch, which explains why I do not eat red meat) and the groceries. To be honest, I think most of my money goes to food!

I have compiled a few foodie finds which I think are great Christmas gifts for your foodie friends and family ❤️

Laguna Kitchen local artisanal products: Sweet calamansi with nata de coco, Pickles: ubod, ampalaya, onion and kangkong. Each jar is 250php. For orders, text 0917-5292933

Homemade Fine Spreads from Dibs available in vegetarian-friendly natural flavors Onion and Chive  or Roasted Garlic 240php per pack. Follow them on IG @dibsspreads

Serendipity Gluten-Free Breads and Desserts, some are dairy free too! Follow them on IG @serendipity.dips

Toby's Apiary unprocessed unheated honey from Backyard Farms 300php per jar. Follow them on IG @backyardfarmsph

Take Root Kale Chips 230php per pack
and Bliss Balls 120php per pack available at The Flow Shop IG @flowsurfyogasamba

First Harvest Salted Coco Caramel, Peanut Crunch and Peanut Spread sweetened with Honey trio pack 459php order through their website

And last but not the least, Dehydrated Banana Fruit Chews from Casa Natura's Kitchen at 200php per pack, another pack will be given to a street kid in need of good nutrition. To order, SMS 0917-8386261.

There ya go! Happy munching!


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