Thursday, October 06, 2016

Holistic Skincare: Skin Vitals

Skincare. Oh how I love thee. I don't obsess as much as I should, really (in your 30's you should really be strict about sun protection, they say!) because I still forget here and there but yes, I do invest in premium products - ESPECIALLY ones that are made with only the purest, natural and if possible organic ingredients.

Skin Vitals is a breath of fresh air in Manila. I attended the launch in the healthy Hillside Cafe and Juice Bar where we had some healthy treats while learning more about the products. This holistic skin care line is made with premium ingredients (infused with my ultimate favorite pure essential oils, too!!!) and can be used daily because it is very mild. I am told that even pregnant and nursing moms may use Skin Vitals, Yay!

Here with Cristal Leung from Skin Vitals. She is HK-based but creates all products in the US before distribution worldwide. She taught us so many technical things about skin and how to effectively use products. I can't wait to learn more from the Skin Vitals team!

I am currently skin testing the Make Up Filter (aka gentle make up remover), Pristine Cleanser, Waterful Serum and V'Lift Potion Moisturizer.

The Skin Vital products are currently available at Facets and Figures, The Parenting Emporium and Beauty MNL.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Pursue Your Passions Without Going Broke

Wow. What a title, right? For me, it hit me hard because I've always been the dream chaser- do whatever it takes to get it, even if it meant risking it all. Like how I played "the game of life" in 2010 when we uprooted and moved to Palawan to live in paradise.

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Security Bank to share this very topic with an intimate group of media influencers and bloggers. I was brutally honest in sharing what I went through when I didn't have a financial back up plan for my dream project. To make the looong story short: FAILURE isn't a word I fear anymore because I've been there and done that. In fact, I thank my husband and myself for failing on that dream because it placed things in perspective and taught us life-long lessons needed for us to rise. Just like a Phoenix, we feel like we have begun entirely new lives within this lifetime.

Obviously, we are now wiser beyond our years. And grateful that we can start over because in truth, we never stop dreaming and creating our realities. So, we have new goals and visions to manifest. It makes it more exciting because we currently have the knowledge and tools that we didn't have in the previous years to make it through.

Security Bank came in my life at the right moment, now that my husband and I are seriously thinking about investing for our children's future. We can no longer be selfish about living "our dreams" alone. We have to also be realistic on HOW to achieve those without suffering. As parents, we are fully responsible for the welfare of our children.

In the workshop, not only did I share my story, I also learned the true value of investing for myself and my family. This is something I have always been interested in but too scared or shy to really learn since any topic that discusses money can be quite sensitive. The Security Bank officers during the day made sure to answer all our inquiries on UITF or Unit Investment Trust Funds where we can choose to invest in the manner of our personality. I am a natural risk taker but believe it or not, when it comes to money that I have earned or want to invest in, it seems that I want to play it safe which makes me a conservative to moderate (surprisingly, not an aggressive) investor. You can learn more about UITF and how you can start investing now for as little as Php10,000 here. 

What I loved most about Security Bank is the hassle-free personalized banking service called "Switch Kit" wherein a dedicated sales associate will open an account for you in the comforts of your own home! There was a document that I needed to sign for me to open my UITF and true enough, like top service, a representative came to my house for this breastfeeding- work-at-home mother. (Yes, I was really nursing my 2-year old to sleep at the time of her visit!).

For more information visit to know more about Security Bank's products and services.

Monica Manifests: The Shift

In the recent months, I felt an intense pull of energy to STAY put and not travel. (very different from my last year of non-stop travel with the family thus prompting me to launch My Little Globetrotters). I quit traveling (for now) and stopped going to many of the social events I was invited to, took a pause on blogging and even take digital detox days to truly BE with my children. What happened next was an abundance of time and energy to do the things that I really wanted to do but didn't have the time for because of all the excuses I kept telling myself. I used the sudden freedom to recalibrate and think things through. Have my goals and dreams changed? Where do I spend a bulk of my time and energy on? Does it add up? Am I truly investing in the right path to get to where I need to be?

So, I have switched my old Instagram name from @dharmadreamsbig to @MonicaManifests and also use the same name now for Facebook. The old name didn't feel right anymore and it helps to be aligned with your current desires. I've also been doing a lot making with my hands. I needed alchemy in my life, where I can make things from scratch and then come out with a completely new product that can be of good use like art therapy, cold processed soaps (thanks to soap mentor extraordinaire, @AnaGutch of @bodyfoodallnatural on IG), healing balms and salves. During the new moon week, I planted new seeds of herbs and veggies on my garden patch. I've also been meditating and praying more. For someone who is in another cross-road in life, I simply asked for guidance. 

The Universe listened to my thoughts and intentions and brought upon me changes that needed to unfold for myself. The invites from potential work clients also started to shift-- from those that do not align with my personal values, to those that actually do! I have been invited to speak on my personal life pursuits and help inspire others -- which IS my dharma or purpose. (By the way, I still have to change my blog name, too!)

In connection with my new changes, I have collaborated with @nabalo on Instagram who is giving away her glorious gem of an e-book "Manifest With The Moon: Your Workbook for Lunar Phase Manifestation" to my followers. Read mechanics on my Instagram page @MonicaManifests and join me in manifesting new dreams!

Monday, May 23, 2016

:earning How To Save at The Smart Saver Kiddie Camp

My whole family recently attended the Smart Saver Kiddie Camp organized by Game Changer for Security Bank at their main branch in Makati. It is a three-hour program which integrates financial education with fun and interactive workshops designed for 7 years olds and above. While the older kids (like my son) were able to sit down and focus on the lecture, the younger ones were busy creating plushies at the La Pomme crafts station.

I've always wanted to open an account in a bank very close to my home for the kids so that they can experience walking to the bank (perhaps taking their piggy banks with them?) and learn the powerful tool of restriction or saving.  Lo and behold, there is a Security Bank right next to our street, a mere 5 minute walk from our home! 

I took the opportunity to take both kiddos to the neighborhood branch today to open their Jr. One accounts. This is Security Bank's saving product for kids 18 years and below. What I find really super is that their interest rate is higher than that of a regular savings account with an opening AND maintaining balance of only Php100. Awesome, right?

I loved the fact that there were no lines (must be my lucky day!) and we were attended to right away by a branch officer. I just showed our valid government IDs (in my case, I used our passports) and the officer did all the filling up of forms and within minutes, my little ones were given their first savings passbooks! I cannot wait to encourage my kids to save the money given to them by relatives, even small change like coins do add up!  

"It's not how much you earn, but how much you save!"

Parents interested in the Smart Saver Kiddie Camp or want to open a Jr. One account for their kids may visit any Security Bank branch or log on to You can also call the Security Bank Hoteline (02) 8879188.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

A Mother and Yogi's Balancing Act (with Vegan-Friendly Regetta Canoe!)

These days, my life's been extra challenging as I balance my duties as a wife, mom, entrepreneur, and yoga teacher. If you have been following my blog posts, you would know that we lost our household helpers a few months back so my husband and I have been tag-teaming chores and caring for our kids in between earning money to survive. I legitimately know how it feels to be independently responsible for yourself. It's like I have been living inside a bubble for a time and now that it has bursted, reality strikes. I am currently questioning all these I being prepared for something bigger here?

I received an email invite to attend Regetta Canoe's Philippine launch in Susi, a gluten-free and vegan resturant in Bonifacio High Street. I took the opportunity to get a quick break from my kids and domestic errands. I am still currently nursing my 26 month old daughter so any time apart from her truly helps the weaning process (which I plan to complete this year!)

A media event wouldn't normally push me to philosophical questioning but because the theme of the afternoon was all about finding balance, (the shoe supposedly does help with this and posture!), I looked inward.

As a yoga practitioner, I know that balancing poses embody the struggles that we experience in life so we may be able to outwardly manifest our strength to pursue all that is necessary with grace and endurance.

Here is my really cute pair of Regetta Canoe which we took on to the streets of BGC and a little patch of grass where we were asked to do some poses that required us to balance for prizes. Lucky yoginis in my group had the advantage of flexible limbs! Watch our super fun Boomerang photo on Instagram @dharmadreams with #RegettaCanoePH to see our winning post for the day!

What are the important features of the Regetta Canoe shoe?

- corrects posture of the body
- reduces impact on feet
- arch support for increased blood circulation (yay for traveling!)
- lessen feet fatigue
- crafted with special heel and toe guard to protect from bumps for klutzy people like me!
- last but not the least, is its vegan philosophy: animal-free and cruelty-free in design and production!

A photo-ception of our beloved Regetta Canoe pairs.

Regetta Canoe is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by the Primer Group and is available at selected Res Toe Run stores nationwide. Visit or follow @RegettaCanoePH on Facebook and Instagram for more details.


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