Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DIY All-Natural Lavender Shampoo

Since my pregnancy with Maya I've had really dry scalp so I've been on the look out for products that will nurture not only my hair but my scalp as well. Then it hit me.. Why don't I just make my own shampoo?

I researched and found really simple recipes on how to make one. And I just happen to have all the ingredients, yay!

So I decided to just make myself a batch of all-natural and organic moisturizing shampoo with these ingredients!

2 Tbsp Laurin Coco MCT Oil from The Flow Shop 

1/3 Cup Tobee's Apiary Honey from Backyard Farms to order SMS / Viber 09178386261 

2/3 Cup Castile Soap from Cutieverse 

30-50 drops of Lavender Pure Essential Oil from Mountain Rose Herbs

1/3 C Coconut Milk which I juiced in my Hurom slow juicer

Mix all in a squirt bottle and viola! Your very own chem-free shampoo made in minutes! It might be very liquid-y and that's alright, it does the job just fine. You may also choose a combination of other pure essential oils but I love Lavender and it's gentle properties that works wonders on the skin. 

Do you have any natural shampoo recipes you wanna share? Let me know if you get to try this one, too! 

Thursday, March 05, 2015

The Rustic Inn, Palawan

In between the two retreats I organized over the past weeks in Bahay Kalipay, I was so very blessed to call The Rustic Inn my home in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. This eco and animal sanctuary is the home of my aunt, Diana Limjoco, who moved to the island in 2010. Just recently, her family started accepted guests wanting to experience Palawan uniquely.

Birds of Paradise at the front of the guest house
Orchids everywhere!
Manong Jun will offer you your fresh coconut as a welcome drink
You'll find many different animals in the property because Tita Diana is drawn to animals especially when needing to save them from harm.

Gentle pangolin
Hello, Musang
A Kingfisher landed on her HAIR one day and wouldn't leave!
Here are the two otters who she saved almost a year ago when humans accidentally killed their mother. The locals then brought these babies to her for saving. Since then, she has researched extensively for their care and provided a home for them within her property.

such sweet siblings! <3 td="">
I think this photo of my aunt perfectly describes how nurturing she is to her darling babies. Such a lovely shot!

View of their home from a native bridge on the property
a kid-friendly organic playground is pure love
Lounge area fronting the otters and playground
Flight of stairs leading into the guesthouse
Facade of the shared kitchen, toilet, shower and guesthouse
This is the shared kitchen where all meals are lovingly prepared
Mouthwatering dessert by Tita Diana!
Get to ride an eco-trike around the village

We toured nearby mangroves in their personal boat

Sta. Lucia Hot Springs nearby!

SMS/Viber/Whatsapp 0917-8386261 your name and email address if you are want to book this summer!

Most photos by Diana Limjoco


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