Tuesday, December 08, 2015

A Waldorf Doll Making Workshop

With just a few days left before we leave for our holiday vacation, I decided to take a mini-break from the frantic planning and chaotic busy-ness of last minute work deliverables (I still have one last event this Sunday for Flow In The City Christmas Edition!).

A Waldorf Doll Making Workshop with Tita Malou Medrano (one of my son's nurturers or kindergarten teacher years ago) was just what I needed to slow down and ground. It is also my own preparation for my handmade and homemade Christmas present to both my kids (they will have to share a doll until I get to make another one!). Since I wasn't able to attend her 3-day workshop because of conflicted schedules, I opted to attend a shorter version with other Waldorf parents and teachers.

Here are some of the materials I started to work with

My classmates for today were parents and teachers from other Waldorf schools in the Philippines. I am so glad to be part of this community of like-minded folks!

Yes! With much guidance from Tita Malou, I made the head of a baby!

This doll was my inspiration for the one I am currently making. It is one of Tita Malou's masterpieces :)

Here's the group with our almost-finised works! I'm still working on adding hair and completing the finishing touches on mine but will make sure it will be ready for Christmas!

I honestly waited until I had a daughter before I decided to finally get one or better yet... make one. I don't know why I never made one for my son. Perhaps, I wasn't ready yet. Waldorf dolls are so very special because they are very simple, handmade and with the best intentions for your child. Unlike mass produced, plastic or factory made dolls that have no deep meaning nor positive energy, these loving creations are a gem to childhood! I wish I had one when I was young!

I saw this beautiful quote --
"......a handcrafted doll is one of a kind, an individual which carries the spirit of the maker in its stitches and absorbs the spirit of the child who loves it".

Another important thing about Waldorf dolls, Tita Malou says that it is important to keep it very simple, with no emotions especially for very young children (as you can see in the photos) so that your child may imagine it on the doll. Children will mirror their own emotions on the doll as they go through life's milestones. Whenever they are sad, they will also hug and care for a sad doll. When they are happy or excited, the doll will be the same. It is an extension of themselves, and so we treat dolls with respect, with reverence as with life. Read more about Waldorf dolls here.

Here are more of Tita Malou's brilliant works all sold out at the recent Advent Fair in Acacia Waldorf School. Thank you for the photo, Luisa!

To order a very special Waldorf doll for your child or your godchildren or join future Waldorf doll making workshops, please SMS Tita Malou Medrano at 0932-9603392 or email mjrmedrano@yahoo.com

Monday, December 07, 2015

Advent in Kolisko Waldorf School

advent spiral in kolisko

As we entered into the time of joyful anticipation of Christmas, my son's school celebrated the start of Advent through the walk of the illuminated circle. Each year, I look forward to this tradition because it prepares and syncs my whole body (body, mind & soul) for the darkest time of the year. It is said that light shines brightest in the darkest of days. And so we walk the path with our inner lights shining through :)

advent circle of lights

This is just one of the many things I love about a Waldorf Education! Come join the activities prepared for the school this Sunday at Flow In The City Christmas Edition. See poster below and visit www.flowretreats.blogspot.com for more details and registration :)

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

My Top Finds at Tubong Pilipino Glorietta

Yesterday was the launch of Tubong Pilipino, a Filipino-inspired market at the Glorietta activity center. I am sharing with you my top finds at the fair. Maybe you'll find some ideas for a Philippine-themed Christmas, whether for the home or for Christmas gifts to family and friends! I did some shopping there, too!

These furnitures are made out of resalvaged wood. The chair and table set for kids (top left) caught my eye. It would look good for a homeschool set up, or perhaps an arts and crafts area for the kids!

Who doesn't love these intricately designed bauls? They would be perfect as side tables and top one as footing for the bed. I'm dreaming of building our own home soon! 

These beautiful vintage fabrics cost 15,000php each so if you want to splurge, consider these!

This handmade and painted nativity set I really wanted for my house but since we would be leaving for the holidays, I've decided not to purchase. Aren't they beautiful though?

There is a smaller version, too.

When design is both form and function: an ethnic musical instrument is good for the home because you and your children get a dose of local Philippine culture. Again, will definitely consider this for our dream home (soon!)

And lastly, weaved magic wallets! I just had to get some for gifts :) They're so handy for travel which we do quite a bit!  

Tubong Pilipino will run until December 6 at the Glorietta Activity Center, Glorietta Mall Ayala Center, Makati City.


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