Tuesday, March 04, 2014

How a Single Kiss Can Make A Difference in Chilldbirth

Hello, I'm back from blog absence due to moving homes! I've finally settled in my new (but old) home where I am preparing to nest and birth my second child, a vbac waterbirth!

So, recently I have been surfing the net for some inspirational videos and this interview of Ina May Gaskin came up. Interesting how she narrates of her experiences in birth. One highlight is that of a couple who just had to kiss to help relax and OPEN the mother for the natural birth. Watch it.

I also love how she states the body is 70% water and that we need to learn how to "relax our muscles like jello." This is the exact cue words I have in my yin yoga classes ;)

Have you had a natural birth? What was your experience like?


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