Friday, December 19, 2008

A Healing Peppermint Christmas

Do you feel Christmassy? To banish the scrooge in all of us, you may resort to INDIGObaby's Jar of Love Healing Gel. Made from Pure Peppermint Essential Oil, this little fella is sure to lift your spirits in trying times.

This comes in handy when my 1.7 year old son Santi has the cough/cold/fever/flu. I just rub on his chest, back and feet. It loosens the phlegm and helps him breathe better. Any parent knows how difficult it is to see your helpless child bawl through the night when the nose is clogged with icky snot :(

I love the minty smell and sensation too on my forehead whenever I dab --- this I do for jetlag and stress. To top it all, this is entirely made from 100% pure ingredients. No yucky harmful chemicals for you and baby.

Refrigerate for that extra cooling sensation.

Only P300 per jar available at

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Brown Belly Fisherman Pants

My good friend and fellow yummy mummy Noelle sells her fab Brown Belly pants in our INDIGObaby multiply site! I own an indigo pair myself and they are super! :D

Looking for free size pants that you could use when prego and even after pregnancy?

INDIGObaby carries Brownbelly's fisherman pants that are so fab to wear anytime of the year (when fat or fit!)

All pants P650 each.
Choose from these colors- aqua, indigo, black, khaki, brown and yellow.

To order click:

Monday, April 21, 2008

Nutritious Camote Juice

During the Ladies & Babies Tea Party Bazaar, Santi & I were served the most refreshing juice - Camote Juice! I vowed to make for the house because it's easy, cheap and HEALTHY! These sweet potatoes are listed as one of the most nutritious foods in and even said to be the all-natural cure for Dengue!

Today I semi-walked to the market to do the grocery to buy some veggies. (I say semi-walk because mid-way I decided to ride the tricycle because it was HOT :P Poor Sanch sweaty and all!) Anyway, I was able to get Camote tops which is the key ingredient in the healthy Camote juice. It costs only P5 per sheaf!

So, here is the recipe if you want to try this at home--

Camote tops
Brown sugar or honey would be a healthier alternative

Boil camote tops then add the calamansi juice and sweeten with the brown sugar or honey. Add ice for a col, refreshing drink. EASY!

Oh and here is an excerpt on how nutritious this drink is!

Sweet Potato Contains Anti-aging Nutrients

Sweet potato is a health vegetable rich in antioxidants and other nutrients useful in maintaining a healthy body.

A new study conducted by the Rural Development Administration (RDA) of South Korea shows that sweet potato contains antioxidants such as chlorogenic acid, isochlorogenic.

Antioxidants, known as the modern-day anti-aging nutrients, are phytochemicals or substances (mostly present in fruits and vegetables), which neutralize or counterbalance the free radicals that are generated by the body during normal metabolism.

Free radicals are the most vicious and toxic by-products of metabolism. When not neutralized, they can travel through the body cells, disrupting the structures of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and cause cell damages.

These damages are believed to contribute to aging and degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cataract, and the like.

Sweet potato antioxidants are higher in the leaves than in the tops, but higher in the tops than in the roots and petioles.

Also, all parts of sweet potato, especially the leaves and tops, contain protein, lipids, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and vitamin A and C.

These nutrients are favorably comparable with those of other vegetable nutrients when they are boiled or used in their dry form than when they are consumed raw.

PFN No. 6482 July-September 2004

Source: FFTC leaflet for agriculture. No. 2001-34. Food and Fertilizer Technology Center (FFTC), 14 Wen Chow St., Taipei, Taiwan, ROC. Cooperating agency for this topic: Rural Development Administration (RDA), Suwon, South Korea.

Sorry for the pun but...Go home and plant camote!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ladies & Babies Tea Party Bazaar

I met co-mumprenuer Ana during the AWCP Bazaar months ago. She invited INDIGObaby to join her fabulous Ladies & Babies Tea Party Bazaar in her beautiful home in Antipolo yesterday. Foot traffic may not have been great (partly our fault, none of our invitees showed up boohoowoo) but it was surely one of the BEST bazaars I've ever been to!
Check out our set up by the pool turned playpen for the bubs. They enjoyed but I think water would've made them ecstatic!The coffee soaps by Bodyfood which weren't cured yet but almost sold out already. (I bought one!) The aroma is soooooooo intoxicating! Here goes my new form of caffeine fix! Whee!

Other interesting loot:
Award-winning Filipino books for kidsTriops: the brother of Ana made these! Amazing!A Yoga instructors booth. I'm a sucker for these things so most of my money went to him by the end of the day!
Daddylolo's Kape 0926-6243080 (Sagada coffee!)BEST BROWNIES I've EVER TASTED! These were made by the baker of Ana's husband. I am so SOLD and already ordered for home-stash. Delicious!

We also met genius teen-baker David Espina (from the family of the original Julie's Bakeshop) who had just graduated from high school. He told us that he has been baking since he was in 1st grade!
I went nuts over his cherry cheese cake! He also had chocolate cake, pineapple upside down cake and crinkles but I didn't even bother in fear of gaining 5 pounds!
You may contact him at 0916-3316620 for orders. According to David, he can bake whatever you wish for (for as long as there is a recipe for it!) I'm sure they'll all be as yummy as his other creations! This boy will definitely go places!

Food, food, glorious food:
It ended up becoming a major foodie event and I was utterly happy that it did!

More photos from this bazaar here.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Pining For Palawan

Two things to look forward to in the next month:

1. Santi turns 1 on May 9 and...
2. Our Palawan Escape as his 1st birthday celebration!

Triple hurray! I know that we have been planning of throwing our son a birthday bash but come on... he really is too young to appreciate the gifts (those crappy ones) and the presence of relatives and friends (most of whom are unimportant to his young life). -This pretty much was my brainwash-spiel to M and it worked ;)

I have been to Palawan once with Montri during our life pre-Santi (has it really been 3 years?!) and I enjoyed the quiet seclusion of Club Paradise in Dimakya Island at the Northern part of Palawan. This trip was M's Christmas present to me that year. :)

Chill as you please with a view like this!
And there was my pre-mummy body!

May 8-14 is our scheduled trip. We booked via Cebu Pacific and tickets were charged to my credit card. Ooh the power of that plastic card!

We plan to discover the main city Puerto Princesa and the remote Port Barton with our not-so-baby in tow. I do not want to divulge our itinerary until we have booked the places because I am paranoid that a lot of traveling googlers might just book before we do! :P

M and I are pining for the trip already. Boy, do we NEED that vacation! We haven't traveled in so long because all energy (and funds) were focused on Santi. Now that he's older, we gotta celebrate for the year that has been LIFE CHANGING!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Playdate: The Modern Mums G

Video taken last Feb. 22, 2008.

Santi eats a cracker and naughty Benny steals some from his mouth! I love these boys so much! It's such a delight to watch them feed themselves. They'll probably grow up loving food so much like their mums & dads. I mean, just look at them below salivating for some ice cream (photo taken months ago).

I look forward to our next playdate together! It's my only form of socializing now. If before I used to go watch movies at a real theater, go to dinners, bars and even clubbing til the wee hours of the morning...Now, it's anticipating the next playdate with my mummy friends for an exchange of baby milestone stories in between latest chismis with people we know (used to know well! hehe)

Oh, how things change.


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