Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ladies & Babies Tea Party Bazaar

I met co-mumprenuer Ana during the AWCP Bazaar months ago. She invited INDIGObaby to join her fabulous Ladies & Babies Tea Party Bazaar in her beautiful home in Antipolo yesterday. Foot traffic may not have been great (partly our fault, none of our invitees showed up boohoowoo) but it was surely one of the BEST bazaars I've ever been to!
Check out our set up by the pool turned playpen for the bubs. They enjoyed but I think water would've made them ecstatic!The coffee soaps by Bodyfood which weren't cured yet but almost sold out already. (I bought one!) The aroma is soooooooo intoxicating! Here goes my new form of caffeine fix! Whee!

Other interesting loot:
Award-winning Filipino books for kidsTriops: the brother of Ana made these! Amazing!A Yoga instructors booth. I'm a sucker for these things so most of my money went to him by the end of the day!
Daddylolo's Kape 0926-6243080 (Sagada coffee!)BEST BROWNIES I've EVER TASTED! These were made by the baker of Ana's husband. I am so SOLD and already ordered for home-stash. Delicious!

We also met genius teen-baker David Espina (from the family of the original Julie's Bakeshop) who had just graduated from high school. He told us that he has been baking since he was in 1st grade!
I went nuts over his cherry cheese cake! He also had chocolate cake, pineapple upside down cake and crinkles but I didn't even bother in fear of gaining 5 pounds!
You may contact him at 0916-3316620 for orders. According to David, he can bake whatever you wish for (for as long as there is a recipe for it!) I'm sure they'll all be as yummy as his other creations! This boy will definitely go places!

Food, food, glorious food:
It ended up becoming a major foodie event and I was utterly happy that it did!

More photos from this bazaar here.

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