Monday, April 07, 2008

Pining For Palawan

Two things to look forward to in the next month:

1. Santi turns 1 on May 9 and...
2. Our Palawan Escape as his 1st birthday celebration!

Triple hurray! I know that we have been planning of throwing our son a birthday bash but come on... he really is too young to appreciate the gifts (those crappy ones) and the presence of relatives and friends (most of whom are unimportant to his young life). -This pretty much was my brainwash-spiel to M and it worked ;)

I have been to Palawan once with Montri during our life pre-Santi (has it really been 3 years?!) and I enjoyed the quiet seclusion of Club Paradise in Dimakya Island at the Northern part of Palawan. This trip was M's Christmas present to me that year. :)

Chill as you please with a view like this!
And there was my pre-mummy body!

May 8-14 is our scheduled trip. We booked via Cebu Pacific and tickets were charged to my credit card. Ooh the power of that plastic card!

We plan to discover the main city Puerto Princesa and the remote Port Barton with our not-so-baby in tow. I do not want to divulge our itinerary until we have booked the places because I am paranoid that a lot of traveling googlers might just book before we do! :P

M and I are pining for the trip already. Boy, do we NEED that vacation! We haven't traveled in so long because all energy (and funds) were focused on Santi. Now that he's older, we gotta celebrate for the year that has been LIFE CHANGING!

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