Monday, March 03, 2008

Playdate: The Modern Mums G

Video taken last Feb. 22, 2008.

Santi eats a cracker and naughty Benny steals some from his mouth! I love these boys so much! It's such a delight to watch them feed themselves. They'll probably grow up loving food so much like their mums & dads. I mean, just look at them below salivating for some ice cream (photo taken months ago).

I look forward to our next playdate together! It's my only form of socializing now. If before I used to go watch movies at a real theater, go to dinners, bars and even clubbing til the wee hours of the morning...Now, it's anticipating the next playdate with my mummy friends for an exchange of baby milestone stories in between latest chismis with people we know (used to know well! hehe)

Oh, how things change.


blissful COW said...

So cute!! Benny is walking already? I read and heard that crawling is very important to develop stronger muscles and better hand-eye-body coordination. Because of a situation back then, I didn't let Luis walk right away even if he was more than a year old. I made him crawl crawl and crawl. Put him in any sport activity, he does great. He has been playing football since he was 3. hehehe.

Mariel said...

Hey Monica! In the middle of 'migrating' my blog to a new address, was updating the link list and made my way here. Gosh, your little Santi is kaka-gigil! So, so cute! :) Aww!


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