Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Doctor Doctor I am Sick

and so is my little boy :(

I am already recuperating from a nasty flu. I think I may have caught it from M then passed it to my little Santi. Poor baby. He, on the other hand is still in the perils of a cold/cough tandem. Evil, I say! It's been 3 nights of almost-no sleep for us. Imagine this- hourly interruptions of extreme screaming and crying with lots of tears. There I go, holding him, bouncing him on the ball (in the wee hours of the night til morning) When M wakes up for work I get so bitchy because of no sleep.

I read on a parenting blog (not too long ago) 'sleep is for the weak' true for me. I can't believe I've lasted this long on just a couple of hours a day. I'm operating on automatic here.

The past few days I have been harassing Santi's pedia. Yes, been a bugger because I am a first-time mum experiencing the pains of seeing her little one sick...not a good sight! What kills me is that Santi HATES it when I give him his meds and attempt to suck out his yucky phlegm from his nose. He screams BLOODY MURDER each time I do so. Para siyang kinakatay na baboy! And I'm just doing what's best for him. Haaaay. It's so hard to see Santi have such a difficult time nursing when he can't breathe from his nose. I even made M buy a vaporizer to emit steam to help Santi breathe at night. Yet he still wakes up shrieking every hour because of his cold/cough. Tough days, tough days.... I never want him to be sick EVER AGAIN. I should really improve my diet...avoid MSG and sugar as these decrease the anti-bodies in my milk. (right?)

Homeopathic meds taken (Me & Santi):

  1. Allium Cepa
  2. Vivianite
  3. Jar of Hope (for stress)
  4. Echinalyt
  5. Silver Colloid ----> Now, this is interesting. This is a new super drug. Well, not exactly a drug nor homeopathic meds but is considered advanced medicine already. A friend bought a bottle and I asked for some for Santi. It's supposed to cure anything and everything. Cool, huh? Read more here.
I do hope Santi cooperates and drinks his natural medicines so that he can be cured and I can have peace of mind and finally have some decent sleep. Then again, I don't rememeber having any since giving birth :P

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Tintinee said...

My daughter's taking Allium Cepa for her colds too. And when momsie gets colds, I make "nakaw" from her bottle. I heart that gamot :)


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