Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I accidentally erased my Boom, Baby, Boom entry! Now it's gone... oh well! Nothing I can do about it now.

Moving along....

There was this expert that guested on Oprah weeks ago. He was talking about clutter in our homes (which we all have) and I found it so interesting. I also found his job, 'organizational expert' peculiar. So, I went on to do some research on him and found these tips below on memory clutter:

How to free yourself from memory clutter
  1. Realize that if you let go of an item, you do not let go of that person. People do not live on through material items.
  2. Hold on to items that only bring back positive memories, not painful ones.
  3. If there are items that encourage you to keep up a ritual based on grief, consider letting it go and focus on the positive instead.
  4. Make sure your space has a great representation of the past but also leaves room for you to celebrate the present and plan for the future.
  5. Keep the items that truly represent your loved one
I am guilty of having lots of memory clutter as I am that scrapbooking-picture-album-collecting-type but I've realized that these also need some spring cleaning. If we hold onto these things--- they take up space, and not only physical space mind you! I am aware that everyone has skeletons in their closets (figuratively & literally) and if you decide to keep them there, you are sending out a message to the universe that there is no space for new things or new people in our lives. Makes sense, right?

"Having loosened our grip of the past, we are free to reach for the future"
-Ann D. Clark

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