Friday, September 09, 2011

Raw Food Potluck

A few months ago, a yogi friend of mine Dexter Tan realized it was time to create a private facebook group called Raw Food Support Group Philippines. This became a portal for raw foodists like Daniw of Bahay Kalipay and her sister-in-law, Asha of Dahon Kusina to share recipes and raw food information to people like me.
Raw Fairy and Raw Goddess in their element
I am not 100% raw, nor am I vegan or vegetarian but I do love my fruits and veggies and would love to finally shift to a greener diet. I have been incorporating a lot of live foods into my diet ever since I was introduced to it by conducting Yoga & Raw Food Retreats in Bahay Kalipay.

Last night was that private group's very first Raw Food Potluck Meet at the Dancing Queen studio in Makati Cinema Square. The venue is owned by the aunt of our well-loved Asha Peri, the caterer of our FLOW GOES RAW retreat.

As you can see, Asha also happens to be a dancer. I bet she was an Indonesian-dancing-princess in her past-life as she has this strong affinity with everything Bali!

The FLOW girls had to represent! Denise, Noelle and I are crazy about the Raw Food Revolution! That is why we had FLOW GOES RAW last August--so that we can introduce this amazing journey into live foods to the public.

Here are some of my top picks from the delicious meals lovingly prepared by other members..

These Raw Love Boats made my night
Deng & Toni made this creative DIY pizza
Dexter's Salsa Masterpiece
Asha's Asian Rolls
As Green As Can Be Pechay Logs
Veggie crudités with not tuna pate by Dr. Day Tormo
All Raw Choco Cups
Choco Tahini Balls to the Rescue
To cap of the night, there was drumming and dancing led by Escola de Samba de Manila's Toni Bernardo and Denise teaching the gals some dance moves. 

Thank you to all the members of this Rawkin' group for always inspiring me to always "see the entire universe supporting my existing in a single plate".

Photo credits to Arvy Villamarzo & Noelle Hilario

FLOW: Typhoon Mina Edition

The FLOW GOES RAW participants survived Typhoon Mina last August 27-29 when we braved the strong rain, the constant wind & flooded roads....
Flooding en route to Northern Philippines.
Photo by Bogey

But what we had were even stronger spirits, 'Rain or shine, the show must go on! So, we decided to push through with the much awaited event and sat in the coaster for a total of 12 hours. Yes, buns of steel in the end, as Sambista rockstar Bogey Bernardo reminded us all.
The FLOW Buns of Steel Coaster
Photo by Bogey

We were greeted by an Asian-inspired 100% Live Food buffet by Bali-certified Raw Vegan Chef, Asha Peri. A true feast for the eyes, filling to the tummies and nourishing to the soul!

Raw Vegan Sushi 

Asian Wrap Wonder
Raw Vegan Dumplings
Can you believe this Pancit is totally RAW?
Raw Meatballs too!
And now for some SURF...

For most parts of the long weekend, we had overcast and rains but the gloomy weather didn't stop the peeps from getting out on the beach for their surfing lessons by the San Juan Surf School, owned and operated by the famous & award-winning Luke Landrigan.
Luke Landrigan showing some surf moves
FLOW group catching some sunrays here and there
Adi Z all smiles!

Happy FLOW peeps after a surf session
 And of course the little ones, who learn through imitation, surfed some baby waves too! Surfer dudes Santi and Benny styled by our awesome friends, sun protection headgear by HeadWare and colorful anti-mosquito bands by Para'Kito. Dengue can't touch us now!

Because it was raining pretty hard most of that weekend, we had all our yoga classes indoors thanks to Kahuna Beach Resort

Aisa Locsin of Yoga+ and Rianna Gatus of Beyond Yoga helped out in our mostly partner yoga session and an intro to AcroYoga workshop for the yoga enthusiasts.
Dee & Adi perfecting their triangle
Danielle and Pia in an Assisted Paschimottanasana
Three isn't a crowd at all
I lift Pia up
Can we please have AcroYoga in Beyond Yoga?
At night, we had an amazing Samba and jamming session with the Drum Director of Escola de Samba de Manila, Toni Bernardo. 
Dee, Toni & Bo leading the pack

Benny's got some beats
Sexxxy Cristalle teaches us belly dancing moves too
Photo by Bogey
More unforgettable live food creations by Asha to remember...

Raw Choco Cups
Raw Lasagna, a personal fave!
Raw Choco Brownies
A raw version of Nestle Crunch 
Everyone got an assortment of goodies from our sponsors: A water-resistant backpack & a FLOW GOES RAW t-shirt from Rudy Project, multi-purpose headgear from HeadWare, stylish Para'Kito bands (which can be worn during yoga, surfing or samba!), gift certificates from Browhaus & STRIP, MAMO microfiber towels, Moringana capsules and tea bags, Total Fitness & ONESPORT Magazines.

Before we head back home, one last group shot for the road! 
Thanks to Diego Jose for this shot!

Many thanks to all the participants who experienced this unforgettable long stormy weekend with us!

We hope to see you again in our upcoming November FLOW Surf Yoga Samba Weekend Retreat. Save the date for November 18-20, 2011. Keep posted for the registration form on our site. See you then!


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