Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jojiberry + The Farm Organics

One thing I love is seeking out new places that serve healthy eats and drinks. Recently, before our Flow Boracay retreat, I accompanied Denise to drop off INDIGObaby merchandise at Jojiberry. She's been talking about this place for months but I never had the time or patience to look for it. (Like being in a routine, you don't really step out of your comfort zone to search for something out of the way?) Good thing Denise brought me here!

Jojiberry is a fairly new health food store and smoothie place, a skip and a hop away from the Beyond Yoga QC studio! My body temperature was begging me to get something cold so I tried one of their smoothies- Blueberry Superhealth (P165) made from wild berries, yoghurt and raw walnuts. This I looooved! I'll definitely be back to try their other interesting flavors: Goji Long Life (goji berries, strawberries, yoghurt), Cacao Magic (chocolate soymilk, cacao nibs) and PB and J (peanut butter, whey protein, cacao nibs)

They have similar products to Healthy Options

local and imported suppliers for health food items
This place is truly a a hidden gem in Quezon City. If you want organic greens, free range eggs, superfoods and all that other good stuff for your body, you must check this place out!

Jojiberry is located at 4th Floor Crossroad 77 Mother Ignacia Ave. corner Scout Reyes, QC

Just today, Denise and I saw that The Farm Organics finally opened in Alabang. We were looking into buying some fresh greens for take home but when we entered, they didn't have any. We were told that they use their produce for the food they serve. I've been hearing about this brand for awhile now. They supply many groceries with their organic meats, so I obviously have not tried it since I have not eaten red meat for many years now. But maybe I should consider buying for my husband next time?

Denise with Santi and Ben and baby-in-tummy about to order from their menu...

This is their working menu for now. We met the owner, Tom Favis. According to him, this menu isn't complete yet. So, they must be adding more as they test out the market first.

Today's 36 degree heat deserved some cooling off so we ordered their Very Berry Smoothie (P150) Can you tell that we're really into these drinks!  I also ordered the Vegan Mushroom Burger (P290) which was filling, good and cheesy. I liked the burger bun, crunch of the fresh greens and mushroom pattie. Tom mentioned that Marco Lobregat of Ministry of Mushrooms supplies these patties for them. I wonder if the cheesy-ness was made from nutritional yeast....

The Farm Organics is located along Don Jesus Blvd. Alabang Hills beside BDO
and Twitter @TheFarmOrganics

Friday, April 26, 2013

A Samba-Zumba Baby Shower Party!

My yummymummy soul sister and super Sambista, Denise is 8 months pregnant. What do awesome friends do at this time - throw her a SURPRISE baby shower!
Captured in FLOW Boracay by Maika

Artist extraordinaire, Noelle Hilario gave the idea of using Samba/Brazil colors for the theme of the party. I suggested that we do a Zumba party so that everyone can have fun while working a sweat (always a good thing!) with everyone.

So the fabulous plan was to invite Dee to a (fake) prenatal yoga class at Beyond Yoga. I even got another preggy mum to help me make her believe there really was a free trail session by a new foreign teacher that we are trying out (Thanks for playing along, Pam!)! Dee was so excited about the hoax, that I didn't have to worry until we were ALL running late. I had to let her know to come 30 minutes later than scheduled because the "fake prenatal yoga teacher" isn't ready yet.
This was the chaos minutes before Denise arrived! Crafternoon at Beyond Yoga studio!

I asked guests to bring their own vegetarian snack for the party. Noelle brought the Green Tea cake and cupcakes from Pipino, I brought my own green olive tapenade and cheese, Clarisse brought her own white bean dip and crackers, Devaki brought puto and Joyce brought donuts- this came in late so it isn't in the photo. (did you know Dunkin Donuts in Powerplant Mall does not use eggs...so it's actually vegetarian but not vegan since they use milk)
Look at the color coordinated Vegetarian spread: White, Yellow and Green Hues!

Yes, it was a success! Denise was genuinely surprised and fell for our plan :)
Happy Dee in Brasil color.
I have to thank the early birds...or at least those who came early enough for the SURPRISE!
Event styling by Noelle Hilario

Here we go! Zumba partttyyyyy time!

Florence Fling sponsored a prize for best Zumba dancer! Pau, our super fun Zumba-star teacher awarded Toni Bernardo for her groovy moves - she didn't miss a single beat!

Look at the stylish dress Toni won for herself (errr for her special someone?)
Visit Florence Fling at Crossings Shangri-la, Trinoma, Glorietta 

Zumba after glow with the whole group who came to celebrate Denise and her baby-in-tummy. We don't know the gender yet, that's another SURPRISE!!! :)

For Zumba or Yoga party inquiries at Beyond Yoga, please email inquire@igobeyondyoga.com and cc monica@igobeyondyoga.com. For event styling inquiries, you may contact Noelle Hilario at noellehilario@gmail.com Let's make your party, baby shower, wedding shower, any special event healthy and fun!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spirituality For Kids this Summer!

Where are your kids going for summer classes? Must be some sporty or artsy classes, right? How about something to feed their souls?

Spirituality For Kids (SFK) is a unique program that teaches kids how to deal with life's challenges.  Through art, stories and games, kids will learn simple but empowering concepts so they can be the best that they can be. The course is meant for children ages 6-12 years old but they will be able to entertain 5 year olds and 13 year olds.

10 weekly sessions every Tuesday starting April 30 from 10am-12nn in Alabang Hills
*Classes will be on Saturdays once the school year begins

There is no fee for the class but donations are encouraged to cover cost of materials.

Please contact Ria Trillo at 0917-5091333 if interested to join :)

Fore more information, you may check the official website www.sfk.org

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Balik Bukid part 3!

This weekend will be another summer fiesta at Balik Bukid, the best (is it the ONLY?) country fair bazaar in the Philippines!

Look! Activities for the WHOLE family :)

Check out some photos from the last Balik Bukid fair where FLOW, Brown Belly, INDIGObaby and Luntian Bags participated in.

See you all there this Sunday!

Sadie Nardini Rocks Manila this May!

Another amazing yoga teacher is coming our way this May 28-29 for a series of master classes and workshops at Beyond Yoga Bonifacio High Street. Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Flow, is a YouTube sensation rockstar yogi from the US. She wasn't always in the pink of health though...as a teen she had a very serious central nervous system/spine illness that paralyzed her for over 2 years. She used yoga, diet and a positive mindset to conquer her illness and eventually became a yoga teacher. It would be great to listen to someone who used her physical handicap as challenge to live her life to the fullest!

"When you come to a class or workshop with Sadie, you'll be met right where you are, and move through a mindfully-flowing yoga sequence that is creative, fun, and challenging without being overwhelming. You'll learn cutting-edge new anatomy and alignment cues to make all your yoga poses more effective and amazing, no matter what style you usually practice. Get ready to feel empowered, fit, and energized to move your lessons off the mat and transform your body, mind and life from the inside out!

Sadie infuses her teachings with a hip, yet down-to-earth mix of Eastern and Western techniques, pop culture and personal testimonials. Yoga Journal calls her a “star instructor” for her ability to make the concepts of body/mind transformation accessible."

Learn more about her and her teachings at www.sadienardini.com

click to enlarge

The description of classes and schedules here:

click to enlarge

You may also call 0917-239663 to register but secure your slot by paying asap :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Behind The Scenes: Athletica Magazine

Aura Athletica and Hinge Inquirer collaborates to bring you Athletica Magazine: the official customer magazine of Aura Athletica. Now, isn't that grand? The editorial content will be about health, fitness, fashion, wellness, and of course, athleisure wear :)

Check out some photos from behind the scenes thanks to Jan Lynch Imbat of Terry SA!

Athletica Ambassadors: Mayor Pie Alvarez, Martin of UA and me for FLOW
Pie Alvarez and I have PALAWAN in common!

Like what we are wearing? Head on over to Aura Athletica at Power Plant Mall or at Bonifacio High Street to get your latest collection yogi pieces from Zobha!

Athletica magazine will be launched on April 19, Friday but I will be off to organize FLOW Surf Yoga Samba week in Boracay!

Follow the hastag #FlowBoracay on twitter and instagram for live updates if you're missing on the fun!

Have a wonderful weekend, warriors of light!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Granola Girl is HERE!

A few weeks ago, my cousins from Vancouver made me try their wonderful creation - Granola Girl. It's vegan and organic ... and the yummiest granola on the whole planet! I was so proud to find out that I've got relatives who also love the same things I do(yoga, mindfulness, sustainability, vegan, organic wholefoods) , live the same lifestyle as I've been...just on the other side of the world! Oh, and they supply to all Whole Foods branches in Northern America. What an accomplishment, right?

So, what good news it is to see that Granola Girl is finally available in Manila at your fave FLOW SHOP for only P550 per bag of goodness!

List of Ingredients (lifted from their official website)

In every batch of Granola Girl granola, there are a handful of goji berries (the Tibetan superfood!). And, in case you didn’t know, goji berries are good for you! Goji berries are a complete protein loaded with antioxidants. They are an extremely rich source of amino acids and carotenoids, including beta-carotene. The berries are also rich in an excess of 20 trace minerals such as zinc, iron, copper, phophorous, as well as B complex vitamins and vitamin E.


If you want health by the handful, stuff your face with hemp hearts. Hemp hearts are shelled hemp seeds, and they are an incredible source of protein, essential fats, vitamins and enzymes. In fact, they contain more amino acids (proteins) than milk, meat, or eggs – and more omega oils (3, 6 and 9) than any fish. Whoa!
Eat ‘em up and be energized through and through.

If one thing is for certain, it’s this: Granola Girl loves the earth and its animals! Our granola contains 70% organic ingredients and is 100% vegan. It’s sweetened with maple syrup and unrefined organic cane sugar, rather than honey from our friendly honeybees.
Choosing to be vegan and organic may give us access to fewer ingredients, but we definitely didn’t compromise on taste and quality! Granola Girl is hands-down the most delicious granola ever. Why? Because we eat it too, so we want to love it.
We get creative with our ingredients. We ditched traditional (read: boring) raisins for dried organic cranberries. We added organic pumpkin seeds and organic sesame seeds for a boost of nutrition and a crunchy texture. We add a little love and a splash of flair. Every bag is bang-on brilliant.
Founded by Baljit Rayat, the Star Activations™ are unique high frequency images consisting of sacred geometry, light, colour and sound. Sacred Geometry are universal patterns of geometric shapes that carry a high vibration. They are a makeup of our DNA strands and our reality.
Star Activations™ assist in removing karma, old programming that is longer serving your soul’s mission, and fear-based emotions. You experience healing on all levels of your bodies, creating peace and balance in all areas of your life.

Granola Girl Manifesto
Email orders to flowsurfyogasamba@gmail.com :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nurture Kolisko Waldorf School Open House

Calling out to parents with small children! If you are looking for a good school that really understands the development of a WHOLE child (body, mind and soul), please do come to the open house of Kolisko Waldorf School on April 20. 

My son Santiago has been in a Waldorf school with the children of co-yummymummies of FLOW because we understand that our sons need this loving, mindful environment to really thrive. 

I urge you to go and learn about Waldorf Education. See details below :)

Learn about Waldorf Education by experiencing what students go through in pre-school, lower school and middle school. It's going to be one full morning of fun and discovery with our students, parents and teachers.

Talks + Testimonials + Open Forum + Exhibits + Raffle
Featuring: Live Musical Performances!

APRIL 20, 2013 (Saturday)
8:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon
22 Alabama Street near Christ the King Seminary and Tri-Place Hotel, E. Rodriguez Ave., QC
Food will be served.

LIMITED SEATS! Pre-register by calling/texting 723-1549, 710-5279, 0920-4023860 or sending email to kolisko.waldorf.school@gmail.com

First 20 people to pre-register will get a special gift from our garden.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Ego Crushed at 10

As a little girl, I had dreams of singing in Broadway. I auditioned in Repertory Philippines when I was 10 years old for a musical, waited in line for hours with my family and then got my heart crushed when Zenaida Amador declared to the whole world (it seemed to me) to get off the stage after singing a stanza or two of Beauty and The Beast (obviously because I couldn't sing well). I cried all the way home. Ego crushed way before puberty.

If you can't sing, there's always lip syncing!

Here is my latest PLDT MyBro TV commercial with the YouTube sensation, The Chicers :)

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Free Yoga in Luneta!

It is so heartwarming to know that there are yoga teachers who truly want to spread yoga to those in need. I received this message from my co-teacher at Beyond Yoga, Allen (Maitri is her given name by our teacher, Clayton Horton because she is so friendly!)

If you are available to try a free yoga class on Saturday April 13, 3:30-5:00 pm at Luneta, read up!

Namaste everyone!

We are Allen (Maitri) and Nancy. Both of us teach yoga in studios around Manila. It's a fun job to have :D we love teaching as much as practicing. Yoga is soo good--we just have to share it- to EVERYONE.


And so here it is - YOGA- for all people, free of charge.
No prior yoga experience required. All levels are welcome.. If you have friends or family members who might want to try yoga, please invite them too :) 


Practice breath, practice freedom at (we can't think of another place more symbolic to our country's liberation) Luneta!!!

Some reminders:
Meet up at the Lapu Lapu Monument
Bring your own mat, water bottle, towel
Wear fitting clothes that will stretch with your yoga poses

(It's really easy to take the LRT and get off United Nations station, and walk to Lapu Lapu Monument)

I know these girls will get their energy exchange through the ten-fold universal concept. Research on how tithing can also create abundance for you :)

Infinite Blessings,

Monday, April 01, 2013

Giveaway: STRIP + Browhaus GCs

Yey for my very first blog giveaway!

I've always been a fan of STRIP and Browhaus for all my unwanted body and facial hair needs. 

A single trip to Browhaus can instantly and naturally make you more beautiful just by shaping your eyebrows, which is always underestimated. Just looking at the perfectly maintained brows of your technician will make you a Browhaus convert! What I love most about STRIP's waxing technique is that the technicians do not double dip the spatulas in the wax, which is very hygienic - a top priority especially when dealing with sensitive areas (e.g. Brazilian wax!)

So, I'm so happy to be giving out 3 Underarm Wax gift certificates from STRIP and 2 Brow Construction gift certificates from Browhaus!

Here are the rules:

1. Make sure to follow me on Twitter (@dharmadreams) and Instagram (@dharmadreamsbig).
2. Follow @BrowhausManila and @StripManila on Twitter and Facebook.
3. Just answer the question, "How do you go bare this summer" and tweet away with hashtag #DharmaBlogGiveaway. Remember to tag @dharmadreams, @StripManila and @Browhaus.
4. This blog giveaway expires on April 8, 12 noon. I will announce winners on the same day 3pm via my twitter account.

Have a carefree summer!


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