Monday, February 10, 2014

Coco Dolce Healthy Artisan Chocolates

I'm on a chocolate high taste testing the best local chocolates from Davao. Presenting Coco Dolce artisan chocolates. Free Food, the company behind Coco Dolce is also a manufacturer and exporter of organic coconut sugar.

I'm particularly excited about this brand because it is the first in the country to use coconut sugar and vco (virgin coconut oil) among other premium ingredients. It's obviously the healthier choice because the high anti-oxidant value of cacao combined with the highly nutritious and low glycemic coconut sugar creates a superfood chocolate. I'm very impressed because it is also the richest and creamiest chocolate bar I've tried, and I am a confessed chocoholic!

Coco Dolce variants - Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Pili Nuts and Dark Chocolate (currently not available) 

Php 280 per 100g bar of goodness

To order, text +639178386261 or email

Interested regional and international resellers are welcome to inquire :)


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