Sunday, April 22, 2007

Books for Baby

My college philosophy professor (who happens to be only a year older than me) just gave birth last month to a sweet little baby girl named Sophia. She was thoughtful enough to pass on to me two very useful books for my upcoming bundle of joy.

Baby-Gami is ADORABLE! Just looking at the photos of babies bundled up in various things such as cloth, towel, ribbons, and yes even a map! If you want to melt the heart of mother-to-be's --- this is a must-gift! I didn't even know that there was more than 1 way to wrap the little ones....
Origami meets the age-old art of swaddling. Easy to follow instructions, illustrated step-by-step diagrams and tips on baby-carrying.

And then there's The Baby Whisperer which swears by the simple rule of E.A.S.Y which means Eat. Activity. Sleep and You when handling a newborn. Other programs include:
The Know-Your-Baby quiz: is she an Angel, Textbook, Touchy, Spirited, or Grumpy? The WPQ: Wing it/Plan it Quotient. Once parents compare their baby's type with their own, they can make baby's life more predictable.
I sure do hope these last-minute reads help me especially during the wee hours of the night when everyone's asleep; when my little Santi decides on being naughty! :P

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donna said...

it's good that you're reading now because you won't have much time (and the energy) to do so once he's born.

swaddling does calm a baby and helps him sleep longer. although you have to limit the time he's swaddled to allow his legs to form properly.

i read a lot of books about how to make baby sleep longer but i think the only surefire way is to breastfeed and to co-sleep.

good luck!


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