Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Beautiful Birth

As my D-day comes closer each day, I am glued to my laptop and internet; reading and researching as much as I can on labor and delivery. I play different scenarios in my head on how it will be for me when 'it is time'. Will my water break? Or will my mucus plug will fall into the toilet while I pee in the wee hours of the night? How will I be able to handle those contractions? (which up to now I haven't really felt)

Going through some videos in youtube, I stumbled upon a beautiful birth video which I want to share with you all. This is a short clip of an advocacy promoting natural birth --- going back to our roots and welcoming our babies into a world of love.

Even if I wanted for my birth to be this way -- I know no doctor would allow it.. not here in the Philippines. I even showed this video to my sister (who is currently interning as a nurse in a local hospital where she witnesses births almost everyday) for her comments. She agrees that this natural type of birth is so much more peaceful and prefers to give birth this way if only people here knew how to. My friend even tried to interview a midwife to do a home-based waterbirth but eventually gave birth in a hospital the 'standard medical way' since no one was supportive of her views. They all fear the unknown.

Oh midwives and doulas, come hither and educate!


jeifan said...

monix! wow! this is wonderful news. i hope your baby comes out all healthy. and hope it won't be too painful for you ;-)

deelirious said...

hi..i'm watching this now with benny on my, i really wish we had it that way..oh well..there's always next time..but yes, i know i'll need supportive doulas and people around me to help me do it that beatiful way, the way it was meant to be..cheers!


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