Wednesday, June 24, 2015

DIY Waldorf Playstand

I've been wanting a Waldorf Playstand for my son since he began his schooling years. Since we haven't lived more than 3 years in one place, I never got myself into making one! 

Now that we've rooted ourselves in Manila (in the meantime), and Santi has a little sister to share with. I thought it would be a good investment to have one made!

This is a fairly easy peg to follow. Thanks to another Waldorf parent, Samantha who gave me the idea when she had hers done!

You can choose to have just one made if you are on a budget but I really like the idea of draping cloth over the Playstand to create the home or castle effect. Remember that your children's imagination awakens when there is less of everything so don't over design or use any colors!

You may have yours made through any trusty local furniture maker, better if you know someone who does woodwork. If you want one just like mine, call Dante Azares at 0922-822-28-59 or visit Uni-Art Home Decors on Facebook. I paid 6,600php for this 2-set wooden playstand plus delivery fee. 

I can also recommend wood artist, Niccolo Jose +63 998 963 4337 who can do any wood work according to your design needs.

My next dream project for Maya. I've always wanted a miniature doll house!!!

I am now accepting pledges for her Christmas present fund! Lol :)

Photo credits to and Live Sweet Photography on Instagram

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