Friday, June 26, 2015

Dharma Reboot: 360 Fitness Club

After having received a heaven-sent yaya/nanny, my serious attept for a post-partum journey to fitness has finally begun! Growing babies in my belly and going way over recommended weight gain definitely took a toll on my body. They say that metabolism slows down in your 30's; sheesh that's my age range! 

"Very vigorous, high-intensity exercise is also the type that can help your body increase production of human growth hormone (HGH). HGH is naturally produced by your body in sufficient quantities until you reach the age of 21. After this, production starts to drop." - Dr. Mercola

So, I took the initial step of moving my butt to start trying alternate forms of exercise other than my usual watching over the baby (that counts as exercise too!), Yin Yoga and Slow Vinyasa practice. 

The goal? Remove unwanted flab in problem areas, regain strength and tone the body. (The flexibility I already get through yoga.) I'm calling this project #DharmaRebootCamp so watch my progress on Instagram and please do encourage me to "stick to the program!"

I checked out 360 Fitness Club in Ortigas to give their 30 minute circuit training a try. Read all the benefits of circuit training here.What I love about their philosophy is focusing on a functional work out to activate the muscles that you need on a daily basis. Strength, tone and flexibility- all that in the least amount of time. So efficient! I see how people-on-the-go like corporate junkies would appreciate this work out design. It also works for busy moms who have a gazillion things on their plate.

I was scheduled for a 9am trial session with one of the in-house coaches. The advantage of going at this time is that there is barely anyone else in the room because most of their clients are at work. Perfect for me who doesn't want to share breathing space and sweat molecules with other people (Yes, I'm a Virgo with a wild imagination).

After filling up a waiver and another form, I was given a short introduction of what the work out is all about. Then he proceeded to demonstrate before we began. In between lifting free weights and my own body weight, I was asked to either do jumping jacks, knee lifts or other cardio exercises for 30 seconds. Now I've tried a very intense session from a cross-fit inspired gym before and compared to that time, this circuit training didn't feel like I was having a heart attack or wanting to puke.

Inclined pull ups for core, shoulder and back strength

Not in my photos: proof of ALL the burpees I finished within the given time frame! Woohoo!

Verdict: I came out of session feeling ALIVE. Today, I am quite sore which is proof that I awakened many sleeing muscles in my body. That's a good sign!

Thank you coach Sheen for your guidance and for answering all of my questions. This day totally jumpstarted the road back to fitness for me. Thank you for my #PostPartumWorkoutOfTheDay!

Schedule yourself a free trial at the nearest 360 Fitness Club branch to you and let me know how it goes! Maybe you can inspire me, too :)

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