Saturday, June 27, 2015

Out of The Box Schooling: Cupcakes by Sonja HQ

My son Santi is at a very curious stage in his life. Now at 8 years old in Grade 2, he wants to know HOW things work. This year, I made a commitment to teach him things in a fun and creative way outside school. No, we aren't homeschooling or unschooling (just yet!) because I do love his Waldorf School and the kindred community we are a part of. To supplement his education, I am picking on his interests and using these as avenues for learning...because we never stop learning!

A visit to Cupcakes by Sonja headquarters was the perfect after-school activity because I wanted to show him how cupcakes are made - one of his favorite desserts! 

On our visit, we met Sonja herself! She told us that we're the very first visitors there, which made Santi extra proud. Then, we had a tour inside the "cupcake factory" and met the team behind all her current baked goods. More than cupcakes, they now offer personalized cakes, cookies and I hear they even have vegan (egg-less) sweets! Yay! 

Santi got to try icing a cake they were preparing for a client. Sonja was such a pleasant teacher! So kind and gentle. She reminds me of our favorite pediatrician on the planet, Dr. Crickette Palanca-Chen.

And then we went into another room where the fondant master was creating new masterpieces for Father's Day. They asked if Santi wanted to try making fondant toppers which he gladly agreed to!

Santi colored the fondant mix with food grade dyes and then used a rolling pin to flatten before using a cutter. "It feels just like clay!", Santi said.

Viola! Santi's handmade fondant toppers ready for take-home. They were so nice to pack one freshly baked cupcake and icing for him to assemble at home with his toppers.

Fresh from the oven macarons! I had to control myself from eating one!

When we got home, Santi put together his very own Under The Sea themed cupcake! 

"Next time, we do it from scratch", I told him. But first, we have to save up for an oven! Any recommendations? And fail-proof easy to make recipes, please!

Cupcakes by Sonja
Serendra, Bonifacio Global City
New Glorietta Mall, Ayala Center, Makati
Powerplant Mall, Makati

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