Monday, June 15, 2015

Walking Barefoot to Teach Empathy

Before my schedule got real crazy with travel for work (which I looove!), I was able to attend the celebration of One Day Without Shoes campaign of Toms and spend some quality time with my son. I honestly didn't know that part of the day's program was walking BAREFOOT around Bonifacio Global City's cemented streets. When I accepted the invite, I thought it would be an afternoon of barefoot fun in the garden. Boy, was I surprised! If not for Carlos Celdran's mighty influence, I might not have done it. In retrospect, I'm glad I did walk with my son because that single activity taught an important lesson on empathy.

EMPATHY: (noun) 

  1. the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Just this afternoon, Santi told me that a few days before he dies he wants to collect all his material things and sell it for money. 

Me: "What will you do with all your cash?" 
Santi: "I will give it to those who need it, Mom"

I almost had tears coming out of my eyes. Oh, you make me proud of how you are growing up, my son! You have much love to give the world.  Remember to tap into your infinite wellspring of love and light and you will go places. 

Love always, Mom xoxo

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