Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Realizations from the Waldorf Asian Teacher Training 2015

The Waldorf Asian Teacher Training 2015 was slated at the Acacia Waldorf School in Sta. Elena, Laguna. 

I signed up for the Grade 1-2 morning block to better understand my son's current developmental state and what appropriate lessons I can help him with. During the afternoon, I chose Blackboard Drawing and Counselling classes. Oh, it was so very difficult to choose classes because I wanted to take them all! It's true what they say about Waldorf Education, if you didn't get the chance to get one as a child, the next best thing is to become a Waldorf parent or teacher! And parents are our children's first teachers so that was my business there.

While I intended to complete the ATT training, other plans have materialized for my family. So, here are my top realizations from the short- two days training I attended at the Acacia Waldorf School in Sta.Elena.

1. When a problem arises, you solve it together- as a community, never alone! 

Here is a photo of the international mentors that sparked inspiration in both teachers and parents. 

All class lectures and exercises always involved working within a circle, a community. Waldorf teachers are so special because they do their own inner work processing and then apply to their practice as nurturers of the children. 

2. In Waldorf Education, less is more to truly open the faculties of learning. I remember someone teaching me this "We are not what we eat, we are what we assimilate" The same is true for education, we think that just because we feed ideas that the children automatically pick it up. Not necessarily. When you bombard information, some children clam up. What's important is how you convey your message across so that the student may digest it properly. Example: I was exposed to creative ways on how to teach math with movement and song!

Grade 1-2 teacher wrote a song on the blackboard for us to learn and teach our children

3. Everything is in NATURE.  Remember the adage, what you are seeking is already within?  And art imitates nature. This is why the Waldorf curriculum is heavy on the arts because it is healing.

A lecture on temperaments found in the arts.
Yay! I can draw a mouse!
Strengthening the will exercises for Grade 1
Beautiful mandalas (made by students?) outside one of the classrooms.
Craft project at one of the classrooms

My blackboard teacher's unfinished masterpiece!

I have also asked some of my training-mates their top 3 lessons.

Here's what Pam learned:

1. We have to teach the child to help the child overcome (obstacles/challenges). To deal with resistances, to help this child to grow into what he/she is intended to be. In short, "to solve the riddle of his life"

2. Adults should be conscious of their actions. Children imitate.

3. Teach the child that the world is good (0-7 years), the world is beautiful (7-14) and that the world is true (14-21 years).

Here's what Ina brought home from the training:

1. We are continuing the work of angels on earth when raising kids. We should guide them, strengthen their skills and help the through obstacles so that they, with their gifts, ca be who God intends them to be.

2. Early intellectualization is harmful for a child's development.

3. We all have a temperament that dominates our lives. We can develop these to overcome/temper its negative aspects and use it to achieve our purpose in life.

Interested in Waldorf Education? Visit a school near you!

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