Monday, November 03, 2014

MomMe Time 2014

Baby & Breakfast + Wanders &Wonders together with Babyland invited me to a special event, a get together of moms deserving some pampering time. The afternoon proved to be such a treat for busy multi-tasking mothers like me. 

We started off with a fun flower wreath making contest under the guidance of event stylist extraordinaire Gideon Hermosa. 

The garden set up was just pure perfection! He totally recreated Spaces by Babyland into a whimsical scene. It reminded me of the movie Great Expectations, one of my favorites!

Because life is sweet, dessert always takes the stage for me. I always always make room for dessert! On the desert buffet were printed cookies by Lovelots Cakes and mini cakelets and a masterpiece cake (which I sadly didn't get to try!) by The Delightful Miss Joyce.

See me attack the s'mores station by K of Cunanan Catering.

Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan spoke about Motherhood and reminded us all of us "to tap into the bigger source" so that we can have the energy for those seeking to us like our husbands and children. To me, that was all I needed to hear from her. She truly was a messenger of the Light that day.

Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio also spoke on stage. She is such an interesting person. I never knew that she has climbed all the mountains in the Philippines. She definitely is not just a pretty face, she's mighty talented too! Read more about her wonderful life here.

I used this rare chance to catch up with some of my friends who also happen to be moms. 

My seatmates and I got to know each other more. 

Yay for Lulu DK! I got my jewelry-inspired tattoo just in time for another beach trip. I warn you, those things are addicting! 

Some snapshots below of bonding moments with our babies. We just couldn't leave these little bubs because we are breastfeeding (I have never given Maya the bottle, by choice really. Don't fret, I'm not judging others either)

And what's an event without glorious food?! Happy tummies make happy mommies :)

Drinks station to keep us hydrated (especially breastfeeding moms like me!)

The s'mores station is a masterpiece in itself!

To top it off with icing on the cake is all our loot for the day! 

Each guest came home with a Quote Bag from Snapperdoodle filled to the brim with goodies and prizes from sponsors: Babiators, Beansprout, Boba, Boon, Broly Sheet, Celebrity Mom, Cradle, Cycles, Dr. Brown's, Elin, Fruit Magic, Huggies, Jamie & Baby Baby Lifestyle Photography, Jennifer Tan Chi's Give In To The Glitter Accessories, JoomaJam CDs, Kameraman, L'Indochine, Lulu DK, Mamas & Papas, Meeno, Melawares, Messy Bessy, Minui, Niqua, Okiedog, Rume, Shoo! Anti-Mosquito, So Young, Stabilo, Tonga

I was able to use my NiQUA clutch as a travel case for my passport and sunnies during my trip to Bohol.

I am thrilled that I was able to win a Mamas and Papas 3-in-one potty which is really useful for EC (Elimination Communication) mommies and babies. I shall write another post on that matter, I promise!

Thank you to the organizers, generous sponsors and all the other mothers who shared this special afternoon with me. I am so very inspired by you all and I'm definitely looking forward to future events with you. Blessings!!!

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