Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Tea Party and Handmade Soap Exhibit

One of my dear friends hosted a Tea Party themed Handmade Soap Exhibit and Bazaar in her charming home in Antipolo. Someone once told me that almost everyone in Antipolo makes their own stuff because they are so far up in the mountains that they had to learn how to be self sustaining. I mean, look at the Ifugaos and the Unesco Rice Terraces?! It is a prime example of how boredom creates genius! And such is Ana, although I would never call her bored because she tends to keep busy.

I met the creator of this special Martha Stewartish event, Ana Niguidula during an AWCP bazaar back in 2009 when I was selling for INDIGObaby with co-yummymummy, Denise. She was there with her son, Jacob (the only one back then) and was also selling for her booth, BodyFood. We ended up chatting because of common interests and became friends instantly. Over the years we get together at Sunday markets, her own home fairs or food and play dates. I always look forward to my visits to her because I am confident my son gets to do "real play" with her children in the yard (without me having to worry about TV or iPads!) It is a relief for moms when you find other people with similar parenting style and values.

Ana is the school head of HedCen (Holistic Education and Development Center) while her mother, Emma, is the school director. If my son didn't go to a Waldorf school, I would choose HedCen as a second home for him. I'm a biggie on systems that honor and nurture the soul of the child.

Below is a showcase of different variants of her soaps together with photos of her three adorable sons ;)

All of Ana's ingredients are sourced from the finest suppliers she can find. I know for a fact that she grows some of the herbs herself in her backyard. She says her products are organic because they are without use of synthetic chemicals in growing, producing or processing. Thumbs up to that!

"I call things I make BodyFood because I want people to know that these products are safe, like good food. That you do not put anything on your skin that would be dangerous to ingest in the first place. It's still our body after all", says Ana.

Who loves Tablea? I do!!!

I'm a sucker for peppermint. I bought the pure peppermint soap which is heavenly. I cannot wait for my soap to cure so I can use it already!

Ana also has a green thumb so I'm not surprised she made "Herb Garden" soap.

Look at the pop up workshop on display for guests to see the process of her lovingly made soaps. 

My kids like being out in the garden a lot plus we frequent beach trips so my family requires products like this handy bug bite balm. So very travel-friendly, too.

Soap logs being cut as people bought pieces for gifts. If you are a friend of mine, these are the kind of gifts I'd like to get ok? Handmade, homemade and organic. Seriously, what's not to love?!

The bottom soap log with multiply layers, I absolutely adore! That beautiful creation is the Rose Vanilla Lavender Butter Biscuit Soap. The name itself will give you the sweetest dreams. I admit that I hardly buy anything online because I shop with my senses. I have to see, feel, smell, taste (if possible) and when my hand picked up the soap sample and something glorious oozed out from the balm layer, it just called onto me. If I didn't buy this it would haunt me forever. And so, I did!

The tea party themed soap exhibit seamlessly transitioned to a real tea party! Ana collects cute little tea sets as you can see. She must have been British in her past? :) For today's spread, she asked some of her home-baker friends to bring their cake creations to the taste test. And they were oh so delicious!

More sweets and eats over here! I had my fill and wasn't able to try the chocolate cake anymore. Never mind I'm sure to be back for more goods real soon :) 

Noelle samples the natural iced teas. The reddish-purple one is Roselle which she grows in her garden. 

I scream for healthy(er) chocolate homemade ice cream!!!!

Are you bummed to have missed this bazaar? Have no fear! Come to the next Artisan Bazaar in Antipolo on Dec 7,Sunday 10am onwards! Meet and greet some of these amazing 'creators'.  The Flow Shop will represent and I'll be giving a free Pop Up Yoga session so remember to bring your mats.

See you there!

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Emma Gutierrez said...

what a beautiful write-up Monica! We enjoyed having you in the porch and among the soaps!!


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