Saturday, November 15, 2014

Martinmas Festival

The Kolisko Waldorf School celebrated Martinmas by inviting the parents and children on a lantern walk activity. We listened to a verse, heard the children sing and watched with delight the lighting of the lanterns, handmade by each child

The Martinmas Festival in the mid-point of Michaelmas and Christmas. Note that Martinmas, Diwali, Channukah, and Advent all occur in the same time of the year. It is a reminder to carry the light, the warmth within us as we journey deeper into the colder months of the year when the days get longer and the nights tend to be colder and darker. On a deeper level, it really is all about our inner light which we should shine upon others this season just as St. Martin did in his life.

"One bitterly cold winter evening, the young Martin rode through the gates of Amiens on his fine, proud horse. He was dressed in the regalia of his military unit: gleaming armor, a bright helmet and a beautiful white cloak, lined with lambs wool. It was nearly freezing outside, but his thick cloak kept him warm. He was hardly aware of the cold.

But then, as he approached the gates of the town, he saw a poor man, a beggar, dressed with clothes so ragged that he was practically bare. The man was shaking and blue with cold, but no one reached out to help him. People would pass through the gates, looking straight ahead, so their eyes would not meet with those of the poor, desperate man.

Martin, seeing this, was overcome with compassion. He rode straight to poor man and took off his white cloak. And with one stroke of his sword he tore the lovely mantle in two. He wrapped half of the cloak around the freezing man and the other half around his own shoulders.

The people nearby watched in amazement. To see a fine military officer do such a lowly thing was a ridiculous site to many, but others were touched by the goodness that Martin showed.

That night, as Martin slept, he had a dream. A man appear to him who looked so familiar, and he was wearing the half of the cloak Martin had given to the poor beggar. And then, Martin saw in the eyes of this man, the light of the Divine which we each carry within us."

There are no words to describe how solemn this festival is. See photos from last night's festivities and see if it sparks something in your soul.

Photo by Edber Mamisao

Photo by Jonathan Roxas

Photo by Goldie Miranda, processing by me

As above, so below.

“I’m walking with my lantern, my lantern walks with me,
Above the stars are shining bright, down here on Earth shine we."

Happy Martinmas to you! May the divine light in your soul shine bright!

Kolisko Waldorf School
Rest Haven, Project 7, Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 921-3974

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