Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Green School Bali

"If you build it, they will come"

Remember that line from the movie, Field of Dreams? A good one, right? Visionaries have the foresight, the prophecy to build amazing places, sacred places because they know, they see way beyond our limited perceptions,  all the possibilities in the grand scheme of things. 

That's how I feel about architect and jewelry designer, John Hardy. They say that he built the Green School Bali as a response to the movie, an Inconvenient Truth. If you don't know who he is, google up his very inspiring TED talk on why he built the Green School. 

Earlier this year, I finally made my way to Green School in Bali. In 2010 I intended to visit but was unable to so I knew that I just had to visit this incredible place that boasts of green architecture, a progressive wholistic education and sustainable energy practices. I know the Philippines can do a similar project because we definitely have the resources. We just need a community of like-minded folks that can help manifest this dream for us!

This massive structure made fully of bamboo and other native materials is called the Millenium Bridge. Our tour guide explained that the children sometimes have classes on it since they believe that lessons are better learned in a natural, outdoor setting exposed to the elements; sights and sounds of nature like animals and insects. It's all part of the learning experience!

With my little globetrotter Maya in an INDIGObaby pouch.

It can get really breezy out there from where I stood.

Gigantic bamboo structures can make a home or a school!

Just WOW!

Living up to its name, the Green School is a school that recycles! I'm guessing the left over food will be made into fertilizers for their backyard farms.

Happy feet!

Look at the roofing, at how organic the way it flows.

The kindergarten class room is a delight to the senses. A room with no walls or windows with fresh air coming through. Imagine how this affects the children to be (not just think) out of the box (because there is no box to begin with!)

I thought the design of the bamboos criscrossing upwards was so beautiful. The guide explained that this helped heat rise out of the space and promote ventilation. Natural air conditioning achieved by genius design! Marvelous! I really want one bamboo structure at home or for a yoga shala.

Look at all the elements in the classroom, all locally sourced and made from natural materials. 

This is the area where they prep the fertilizers. 

And where the little seedlings live...

It was a hot day but I managed the tour without a nanny with my little one in the pouch. She slept most of the time because she loved the motions as we walked through the whole of the school grounds.

Another view of the Millenial Bridge. Spectacular! 

The school is a recipient of a grant by a company that specializes in hydro-power technology. It's pretty cool that they are able to harness energy by this vortex below. 

Another classroom with a unique setting very much like a boat. If I had my son with me he would go crazy with his imagination! 

I sat behind everyone while sipping my natural iced lemongrass tea as we all listened to more stories behind this magical place. 

They have solar panels, too!

Look at this space!

Really cool furniture made by local artists

What a witty name "Sacred Scoops" ! Too bad this was closed during my visit. I would have loved to try "The Seducer".

The Living Food Lab also was closed but it looked like they serve healthy organic raw food, locally grown from their gardens! 

Check their website at www.livingfoodlab.com

Last but not the least interesting in this photo tour is their toilet!

I love how they make use of natural light to save on energy costs. My future home will do the same!

This is their water saving, no flush compost toilet. This school is as green as you can get!

Green School Bali Tour is scheduled every Monday-Sunday 2:45pm

Contribution for adults $10, Kids 6-12 years $5 and kids 6 below are free ;)

Green School Bali
Sibang Kaja Village, Bali, Indonesia

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