Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Vegetarian Kitchen

Not too far from Beyond Yoga Il Terrazo studio is a little nook called The Vegetarian Kitchen, a cruel-free restaurant that is operated by the Soliongco family.

My first time dining here was with FLOW co-founders, Denise and Noelle. We got to try the Rich Tomato Malunggay Lasagna, Cream Cheese Spinach Dumplings, Couscous Paella, Vegan Apple Pie and Calamansi Mint Tea. Everything was superb! If I could cook and bake like they do, I'm sure my husband wouldn't mind turning vegetarian :P

The Vegetarian Kitchen
62-B Mother Ignacia Ave. QC
Tel. 5447733 Cel. 0917-8300511

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