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Kabbalistic Lessons from Yehuda Berg

Last night the gates of heaven opened and shed me with light. I met Yehuda Berg up close! If you are not familiar with Kabbalah, you might be wondering, "Who is Yehuda Berg?" To me, he's a modern spiritual warrior :)

Giddy like a child beside Yehuda who signed my Pinchas Zohar.
"Yehuda Berg is the son of Rav and Karen Berg. As Co-Director of The Kabbalah Centre, he is part of a long lineage of kabbalistic masters. He is a bestselling author in the field of spirituality, has written more than 30 books on topics ranging from self-empowerment and depression, to relationships and the Bible. Two of his bestselling books, The Power of Kabbalah and The 72 Names of God, have been translated into 20 and 14 languages respectively, and he also created a transformational 23-day audio package, The Living Kabbalah System.

In 2009 the GQ Magazine Gentleman’s Fund honored him for being an Agent of Change in the field of education. Yehuda lectures internationally, delivering deep and complex kabbalistic concepts in a simplified way that is applicable to daily life. His daily emails and Facebook insights, known as “tune ups,” are read by over 250,000 fans daily. Yehuda Berg lives in Los Angeles with his wife and five children." (

Yehuda met with the Philippine Kabbalah volunteers and organizing group backstage before giving the lecture. He basically gave us consciousness: placed the protective red string on students who needed them, signed our books & Zohars, he even hugged every single one of us! 

Kabbalah Philippines is a growing spiritual community!

To be in the same room as Yehuda was intense!  As a yoga practitioner & teacher, I am more attuned to the energy of people and places. I certainly felt we were in the presence of a true beacon of light. When he read from the Torah, I felt shivers in different nadis/ meridians and down my spine. 

Yehuda translated the Aramaic text, he spoke about how we all exist because our parents, grandparents, lineage paved the way and made sacrifices for us to be here. Now, it's up to us to use this opportunity in our current lives to succeed or.. fail. (At this point, many of the students started crying!)

What I felt at that moment was extreme GRATITUDE and LOVE for my parents & family. No matter what issues you have with your family, you are related in this lifetime for a reason. What lessons do they bring you?

My parents and younger sister, supportive souls who attended

These are more lessons from Yehuda's lecture which I tweeted live last night:

  • Two ways to live life: everything is random, nothing makes sense OR what's in our life is for a reason. There is a lesson there. I go through phases of both. There are moments of doubt, questioning God for this and that...and of course those times where I just feel CERTAINTY and blessings in my life. The real challenge is finding PURPOSE amidst the chaos and darkness. Yehuda said it last night, God is always there...especially when you feel abandoned.
  • Whatever you are going through, find the light in the situation. Here's the tough cookie to learn! It's so easy to feel victimized. A Kabbalistic tool is to be the CAUSE vs the EFFECT of any situation. Take control of your life by turning disasters upside down when you find the light/lessons each chapter of your life brings.
  • Our life is a puzzle like the book- "choose your own adventure" I loved these books as a child and I thought this was a wonderful way to explain to us how God works in our lives. Too often we are blindsighted. God sees the bigger picture, and WE should too! 
  • Until we learn the lessons we need to learn, we will repeat the same circumstances in our lives, over and over again across lifetimes. This is my most favorite lesson which I picked up from my previous readings on reincarnation by Dr. Brian Weiss and from "To Be Continued" written by Yehuda's mother, Karen Berg.

When I got home from the event, my husband asked if I had any alcohol because I was acting weird: either I was drunk or wired. I replied, "Yes, I'm high from Yehuda's Kabbalah water!" Yep, I'm a confessed spiritual groupie. I stole his half-full Kabbalah water bottle right when he left and drank from it. 


I've been studying with Kabbalah Philippines since last year. Group meetings are once a week at ADB with Skype supervision from Sarah Weston, our London-based mentor. Sarah is the direct student of Yehuda Berg and his family. One of the perks of being an active student is getting to do on-on-one Skype sessions with Sarah.

Lightbearers: Sarah Weston and Yehuda Berg

A few more Kabbalistic concepts for you to chew on...

10 Principles of Kabbalah
1. Acquire spiritual wisdom.
2. Take full responsibility.
3. Know and challenge your ego.
4. Be energized by obstacles and see them as opportunities for growth.
5. Accept your imperfection and the imperfection of others.
6. Know your power and use it.
7. Never give up because it's never too late.
8. Share.
9. We are all one.
10. Leaving our comfort zone can create miracles.

Want to know more about Kabbalah? 
Log on to for details on classes, events and books for sale. 
Level 1 classes start on January 31, 2013. 
Sign up and be prepared for real transformation in your life :)

Claire Madarang (who sat next to me!) of Rappler published a well written article today. Please read it here:

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Thanks for the share, Monica! I'm signed up for Level 1 classes... I wonder if Yehuda Berg will be around then? I'm sorry I missed this but I'm confident I'll get the same teaching from the seminar. :D


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