Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kabbalah & 2012: Reading The Stars

This is a late post on some of my notes from the talk Kabbalah & 2012: Reading the Stars by Sarah Weston last May 14, 2012.

Since I started my studies in Kabbalah, more of my friends are interested in what this is all about. Interesting to know that Kabbalah comes from the Hebrew verb Le Kabel which means 'to receive'. So let me share this knowledge with you so you are able to receive the light :)

  • Kabbalah is a spiritual wisdom meant to be shared especially now in 2012 when the merging of the worlds happen. This year is the year of COLLAPSE and CHANGE.
  • 1st Kabbalistic book is 4,000 years old written by Abraham
  • Kabbalah contains universal wisdom, it deciphers the code of the universe
  • It gives us a manual of existing life systems because if everything in nature has DNA. We live in a very organized universe. There are no accidents in life
Think about how much control do you really have over your life? The level of your consciousness plus your thoughts, plugs in to the metaphyscial plane to create your reality. This is the law of cause & effect, of karma. 

  • Kabbalah is everything beyond the 5 senses. 99percent of our reality is the spiritual plane while the 1percent world of illusion is that which we see, sense, taste, hear, smell..this is the physical plane, merely just scratching the surface. The call of Kabbalah is to go DEEP.
  • TREE OF LIFE: There are 10 dimensions which exists in the world.
  • Kabbalistic Astrology gives us an insight into what's happening and how it affects us...
  • Mid August there is a highly militaristic combination of energy until October 7. The Universe is at a brink, ultimate controversy and everything can CHANGE.
  • If change doesn't take place, cosmic influences will begin to happen. 'If I don't choose UNITY, the Universe will do it anyway for us to choose to live in a different state of consciousness.
If you found my notes above interesting, please come to the next Kabbalah talk on August by Marcus Weston. Marcus will be speaking about the real roots of success and failure in business. In today's unpredictable environment, having the right business consciousness is key.

Prior to becoming a full time Kabbalah instructor, Marcus enjoyed a career in international finance
with Goldman Sachs and Citibank. He coaches students all over the world and has spoken at the United Nations and managed to secure the Kabbalah Centre's NGO UN consultative status.

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