Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Tarot Card Reading at Mysterium

Tarot cards aren't new to me. My younger sister who was obsessed with witchcraft has had a deck since we were young but I always thought of it as play, nothing more. Yes, I know what you are thinking - being outside the norm is in my blood! Oh, get used to it, darlings!. :)

I was recently intrigued by Carlos Celdran's post on an eeriely accurate Tarot Card reading of Robert Rubin on DMCI. Less than a week later, I find myself walking into his sanctum, Mysterium.


Why was I there? I just felt a pull. I've always believed in signs and I wanted to find out why I was pulled to this all of a sudden. I scratched the itch. 

Although I didn't think much of tarot cards before, I just thought "Well Monica, you haven't tried this and you're the kind of person who gives everything a chance. Besides, there is a first to everything! So, why not?" 

Enter the Mysterium and you are enveloped in purple painted walls, the color of magic and healing. The Emperor, is one of the cards in the Arcana traditional tarot deck. It is a commanding site, almost seems as if this card authority was guarding the space. Robert obviously resonates with him the most. Then, I was drawn to the Egyptian art piece (because I am almost certain I was one in a past-life).

The library was comforting. I also have a collection of books on occult sciences, yoga and massage at home. The yoga teacher in me was delighted to see a chakra map, of course.

And Kabbalah's Tree of Life. I was definitely in familiar grounds.
And so we began my first official tarot consultation. I kept my poker face on until the very end. I will not divulge the outcome of the reading here but he was spot on. Yes, google exists and I lead a semi-public life. However, most of my inner thoughts I do not share online - and many of these came out through the cards and his interpretation.

 I asked Robert, "Why do people come to you for readings?"

"For clarity", he replied.

I no longer think tarot cards are merely for make believe-voodoo-play. After years of teaching yoga, using my right-brain more, being exposed to different healing modalities, awakening intuition and gut, I know that more than our 5 very limited senses...when we break it all down: 

Everything is energy. The cards are merely tools that help extrapolate the energy within and around you. I guess I wanted to ask the universe a couple of things. And they were all laid out infront of me. The answers I am seeking already exists. I believe in both destiny and choice. Both dance in a whirlpool that is life. Yours is for the taking.

Robert Rubin
Tarot Card Consultant and Hypnotherapist

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