Wednesday, July 29, 2015

5 Healing Benefits of AcroYoga

I'm not an AcroYoga teacher but I do enjoy getting together with people to do jams in the city or at some of our retreats out of town. The previous Flow Yin and Yang Yoga retreat group in Palawan was lucky enough to have Paul Verchere join us for some serious stretching. He is a Vinyasa Yoga teacher and a recent graduate of an AcroYoga immersion in Thailand. It's good that he's quite a big guy because he became the base for ALL of us that weekend.

To me, much more than for show, AcroYoga is a beautiful practice with healing benefits. Here are my top 5:

1. Face Your Fears: Many first-timers are terrified of the idea of "flying" or letting go. Whether they are crippled with fear from past trauma or just not into adventure, people slowly learn how to build trust which is one of the main themes of an AcroYoga session.

2. The Healing Touch: We yearn for touch because it is a fundamental need for life, a source of energy and yet we operate on very little tanks of love and touch. AcroYoga is a fantastic way to harness this energy when we connect with others. 

3. Play is a wonderful tool for you to take life less seriously. I also love using AcroYoga as a way for me to bond with my kids! Healing past hurts and quarrels can only take place in a relaxed state of mind and body. So, chill and have some fun!

4. On a physical level, turning yourself upside down has its obvious healing benefits for increased circulation and spinal decompression. Acroyoga is so effective in lengthening the spine and giving me an instant postural adjustment.

5. And of course, we help heal the world through positive collective energies. When we come together in a community of like-minded folks practicing peaceful activities, only good can come out of it. This is the reason why we come together at FLOW to increase good vibrations.

Find AcroYoga classes, immersions and trainings near you at or join a FLOW retreat through 

If you're jamming in Manila soon, let me know? I just might join you! xoxo

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