Monday, December 01, 2014

DIY Advent Calendar

It is December 2 and the countdown begins to Christmas! I should've posted this yesterday but I had just gotten back from a FLOW retreat so I had a pile of home errands to attend to. Oh, and let's not forget REST. We all need time to breathe and just be. In the midst of this season's chaotic buzz, this is what we need.

DIY Advent Calendar
A few days ago, I completed this personalized advent calendar using whatever I had at home. I had so much envelopes sitting on my desk 'for future re-use' and here is the perfect project for its rebirth! My son is learning numbers right now so it would be good to get to know each one as we countdown to one of his favorite holidays. I want him to associate this Advent season with special memories so inside each envelope is a piece of paper with activities for the family. Last night it said:

"Read the 1st story in "Light of the Lantern" while holding hands."

I patterned the Advent calendar to look like a tree and placed a gold star above which my son brought home from school one day. All materials were repurposed which I love because everything has a story. The door to the right side was painted black which I used as a blackboard for this week's advent verse. (I am supposed to light the first candle of the advent wreath which I have yet to get my hands on.)

The first Light of Advent It is the Light of stones:
The Light that shines in seashells In crystals and our bones.

I find it therapeutic to do crafts, even if it does not compare to what I see on Pinterest. What makes it special is - it was made by my hands so the energy is personal and that is what my kids appreciate.

Try making your own advent calendar using things that are in your home. Please share ideas as well!

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Rhiza Oyos said...

I keep telling myself, "I'm going to make an advent calendar this year," and then December happens and I wasn't able to do it again. I love what you did with yours! Hope you and your whole family are having a lovely time counting down to Christmas!


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