Monday, June 10, 2013

Will Lau for Jivamukti and Universal Yoga

Will Lau has been back to Beyond twice for master classes and workshops. I regret not being able to catch his last series of workshops on Universal Yoga but was able to attend some of his Jivamukti classes when he first visited the studio

Naturally, I'm psyched to know that he is coming back to the Beyond studio again for a 3rd time this coming Friday.. teaching both Jivamukti AND Universal Yoga! I'll certainly make sure to be there yang yoginis!

Check out his schedule:
More information per master class and workshop:

click to enlarge
And some photos from when I met him!

Yep, that's me bring adjusted by his strong and yet gentle hands. Can't wait to learn more! A really good teacher is coming our way so let's take this opportunity. See you all this weekend!

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