Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sadie Nardini + Tyler Mccoy Immersion at Beyond Yoga

photo by Dexter Tan
Honestly, I never took a Core Strength Vinyasa class prior to attending the workshops by Sadie at Beyond at Bonifacio High Street. The words "Core Strength" pushed me away because it felt like the class focused on the physicality of yoga, getting fit, rather than its more spiritual essence. BOY was that a major assumption, a wrong one at that!

So I'm glad that I took time to attend because Sadie and Tyler blew my mind away. I love how deep their appreciation is for their evolving yoga practice. 

photo by Dexter Tan
Sadie explained how she trains students, from Foundation - Core - Expression. Which makes real good sense.

Here are some notes I picked up from their lectures:

- You need to understand the body from a 2D and 3D perspective; our body functions as a movement
- When in class, always check on the breath. If you are no longer breathing smoothly, forget about how the body looks. Ask yourself: Am I feeling centered? Balanced? This is your self-sensitivity training. Keep it wholistic!
- In yoga, we acquire unconscious (negative) patterns...be aware of this.
- Are you conscious of how your yoga practice is affecting you, your body? How do you transform your body?
- Repetitive practices sometimes constrict and shorten the front or back body - how do you remedy this or change your practice?
- "If you want it out there, Be it in here"

photo by Dexter Tan
I have to thank my co-teacher at Beyond, Roanna for helping in facilitating Sadie's workshops at the studio. Without her influence, I would have never been able to meet and learn from such an inspiring couple! My deepest gratitude, OM!

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