Monday, June 24, 2013

Victor Chng: Yin + Yang Yoga

Victor Chng giving out Yin Yoga Teacher Training handouts in 2012
Having completed my Yin Yoga teacher training under Victor Chng last December in Singapore, I was somewhat more prepared physically and mentally for the advanced series of workshops offered at Beyond Yoga last weekend.

Competed 100-hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training
His workshop topics were: The Fundamentals of Yin-Yang Balance & Longevity, The Key Instruments Working in Our Body (Yand Instruments of Separation, Yin Instruments of Unification), Tao of Yoga- The Path of Intergration, Arising the Yang in The Body.

I have so many notes but here are some key insights I'd like to share with you-

- I learned about preservation of life from the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, how we can enhance the capabilities of our body to extend our life forces, almost tap into immortality. Check out this article on a herbalist from China who died way past 100 years old!

- To look at the body at a wholistic perspective, that everything is connected within. In the East, when someone is ill, they support your whole immune system vs in the West, when someone is ill, they operate on just the organ which is malfunctioning.

- There is a time for everything! Timing is crucial. This is why we wake up at a certain time, eat at a certain time, sleep at a certain time. Respect your body's natural cycle and expect to live longer lives. Whenever we fight to stay awake (drinking caffeine, even) to work.. then we disrupt our natural cycle. See chart below and click on the website for interesting facts about each organ associated to emotions in the body.
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- Victor spoke a lot, too, on Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Chi. To summarize, here's an explanation below:

"It is said Chi applies to the human body in 2 ways; inherit Chi and acquired Chi. Inherit Chi is the energy we receive from our parents at the time of conception. Acquired Chi is the energy accumulated by the quality of life we choose to lead, the food we ingest, and the quality of air that we breathe. It is believed  the major cause of all disease stems from a blockage of Chi circulation. People become ill when either they cannot absorb enough Chi or the circulation in their body becomes blocked. Human beings cannot sustain a high quality of life by food and breathing alone. It is important to have a strong flow of Chi energy, as the most nutritious food would be of no use if our inner constitution were weak. In order to absorb and integrate the external universal energy we must learn to integrate and strengthen the fundamental life force within." -

- On trying to conceive (for couples who have fertility issues), ovulation happens when unification of body chi is strong. So, eating and sleeping on time is crucial for the body to pull in nutrients, hold energy within to sustain a seed and nourish a growing child within. IF, you persist...go to a fertility center and become successful on getting pregnant, make sure that you have changed your lifestyle or the quality of the seed will perish. Ex. the life span of the child will not be long or your child's health may not be as good.

- If an ill person is in a coma, NEVER ask that person to fight its natural state (for your own egoic reasons). Learn to respect the body's state of preservation.

I'll need to attend Dr. Kit's TCM classes to be able to explain further some of the concepts introduced and reminded during the workshops. For now, that's a lot to chew on!

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