Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Truth On Why We Do FLOW

If you ask any of the 3 founders of FLOW (that would be me, Noelle and Denise) why we do FLOW weekend retreats. Truthfully, it's really....for our children :)

Photo by Apple Ortiz
We want them to appreciate nature and the wonders it brings, enriching their brilliant minds and imagination.

We want their taste buds exposed to the nourishing meals and snacks we make our guests. So they grow up loving their greens as much as we do :)

Santi, the Rawlicious green smoothie drinker
Live foods merienda

We want them to play freely by the sea, even when no one is watching. (A stark contrast to the sad realities of other yayas following little ones around in the malls for fear of getting hurt or being snatched away.)

We want them to see us hard at work at what we love to do, to know that money is earned and not just given away.

Photo by Troy Medina

What are the things you do for your children? 

*Most of the photos were taken during the last FLOW Nature retreat in Anilao, Batangas. Want to join the next retreat? Log on to, kids are welcome, of course!

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