Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Everyday Mom

On my way to fetch my son everyday from school is a new cute and dainty healthy bakery called Everyday Mom located in Scout Tuason QC. Of course I stopped by to check on their baked goods, asked what makes them healthy and try it out myself!

Pamela Lim, the "Everday Mom", has been baking since she was very young. She uses only natural ingredients (unbleached flour, aluminum-free baking soda and baking powder, sea salt and pure vanilla extract), doesn't add any preservatives, colorings or artificial sweeteners and bakes in non-toxic stainless steel pans. She also doesn't use butter and uses rice bran oil instead because it is unsaturated fat and has anti-oxidant benefits.

I asked if they use eggs and i was told that they do. It would be good to have egg-less options too (which I am sure they would be open to if you order in advance) for veggie friends and play date potlucks which I have a lot of! They have 3 variations for the brownies- Palawan Cashews, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip. I did try the chocolate chip brownie (P40) which is really good!

The poster says that they use premium dark chocolate so they definitely don't scrimp on good ingredients that make all the difference. (Well, cooking, baking or creating anything with pure intentions and love will make THE difference!)

Santi likes carrot cake so I bought him a carrot cupcake which he just had for dessert. The cream cheese icing is light and not too sweet which is a good sign! I also got a chocolate banana cupcake to try later tonight :)

Go ahead try healthy baked goods for your whole family!
Everyday Mom
Sct Tuason cor Alejandro Roces Ave. QC
Cel. 09224210466 Tel. 710-1254

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