Monday, February 22, 2010

Going Gugo on my Hair

These are cut up gugo barks I purchased from Bea, one of my green friends from the Sunday Legaspi Market. Business and love partners, Bea and Robbie, are owners of Sakto, an eco sari-sari store of sorts. I love the concept that you can just purchase things based on your exact needs, hence the term sakto which means just that in Filipino.

I hear from Devaki (another hippie friend of mine from the market) that Bea religiously uses this stuff on her hair because she doesn't trust those organic shampoos. When you read the labels, they aren't really organic or their products are questionable. I honestly feel the same way about a lot of all natural or organic claims.

So, intrigued by gugo's famed claim on hair, I bought myself a bunch for P50. It came with the re-used flour bag which is such a cute add-on. Bea's directions was to get a few pieces and pound it with water. The sap is what you spread all over your hair & roots. Leave on for a few minutes and wash with water. It is also common practice by our lolas to mix the gugo sap with coconut milk if you want a richer, sweet smelling lather. Gugo stregthens and nourishes the hair while coconut milk will protect your scalp and hair from UV rays. This might just be my answer to my falling hair problem (my husband will be so pleased to find no hair strands on our bed and in the bathroom!) :)


Bea said...

Hey Monica! Nice.. Actually, there are 2 methods. One is to pound it and use the juice to scrub your head. You can also use the bark itself to scrub your scalp. Another is just to boil it in a bit of water-- enough to cover it lang. It's perfect if you're doing something (typing something, etc) and then cool it so when you take a shower it's ready na.

You can make it ahead and put it in a bowl then stick that in the ref, for maybe two days!

Pat Grace said...

oh, wow. i must try this since i have a bad case of falling hair. where in legaspi market is the stall located? :)


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