Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So Glee!

Do you watch Glee?

Cousin Cri forced me to watch this because according to her, I kinda look like the lead star, Rachel Berry. I think, maybe just that kinda jewish nose :P Montri took the good husband initiative of downloading season 1 for me. Here goes another TV series that I am hooked on! The last one I went mad & sleepless on was Dirty Sexy Money. Because I am a failed singer (when I was about 10, I auditioned once for Repertory Philippines but got declined by the famed Zenaida Amador), I like to watch others sing...and they sing & dance great! It's too bad that they only have a few episodes out, so looks like I will wait for a couple of weeks before I continue this crazed marathon of mine :SI am particularly drawn to Quinn Fabray's angelic, impeccable beauty. Her eyelashes are obviously fake but does the right cheerleader impact. Reminds me of how picture-perfect lashes are done at The Lash Bar -a recent project a friend of mine put up in Timog, Q.C. Try them and feel like a star!

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For more sensible stuff, I have been reading this very interesting & informative book, The Omnivore's Dilemma which talks about where your food really comes from. I'm only mid-way and pretty much convinced against processed food and where modern agriculture has taken the world. So glad to be moving to a place with only 1 mall and supermarket (NCC in Puerto Princesa) and more of the 'real food' with live enzymes available at fresh markets selling organic fruits and vegetables because the farmers can't even afford pesticides.

It's 9 days away and I've only packed 1 box of my clothes. Better get ourselves ready! The countdown is on!

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