Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Hearts & Tiger Day!

Last night Montri let me loose to be with my girlfriends from college for Carna Manila held at the Rockwell Tent. Jeri and I watched Denise play the big sordo drum with Escola de Samba de Manila. It was refreshing to be with the girls to act and feel young again. Escola's thundering performance was fantastic! Catch them again in the next FLOW Surf Yoga Samba weekend retreat. Me in my fave shrug by bohemian extraordinaire Maria Villanueva. She is at the weekly Sunday Legaspi Market. Escola de Samba de Manila on stage. Check out Dee in red bangin' the big ol drum

Festive Brazilian craze at the Rockwell Tent
This morning Santi and I were blessed by the lucky chinese dancing dragons (or were they tigers this time?) of Rockwell. We were on the way to visit my parents and heard the loud drumming by the Joya building. Santi was intrigued by these dancing creatures and got mighty scared when they approached him. He was trembling and climbed onto me like a cat would to a tree! But, glad to have good fortune on our side.

So it's a double whammy celebration for love and tigers. Are you the feeling festive yet? Spread the love! ;)

P.S. Lately Santi has been extra ferocious, roaring at people even at strangers in the elevator! :O Is it because he feels the year of the Tiger creeping in?

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