Tuesday, February 05, 2013

DIY Raw Vegan Mango Coco Loco Dessert

Each afternoon I try to do an outdoor activity with 5 year old Santi, who needs to expel more energy these days. We decided to play mailman and flyer out for Beyond Yoga and the workshop for Sarah Powers.

Aside from doubling as my cardio exercise today, I discovered that one of my neighbors sell farm fresh (organic!, claims the help) mangoes at 50php per kilo only.

Here is what we made for dessert tonight: Raw Vegan Mango Coco Loco ;) *note that I am not raw vegan but I do enjoy Raw dishes and love whipping them up because there is simply no cooking involved!

Directions: Dice ripe mangoes and soak in coconut milk with chia seeds. Wait for the chia to grow (20 minutes will do). If mangoes are sweet enough, no need to add honey or muscovado sugar. Enjoy!

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