Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mindful Parenting with Consciousness

Three years ago, Denise and I did a workshop on Mindful Parenting. We spoke to our participants (mostly clients from INDIGOBaby) about breastfeeding, co-sleeping, working from home and all natural remedies for the kids.

Do you remember this poster?

We just wanted to share the insights, knowledge and skills we learned through the art of parenting. We knew deep inside our hearts that the call to parenting was very challenging and it molded us into different beings! Because of our children, we have made major changes in the way we live our lives. In fact, INDIGObaby was born because of our very own sons. Without them, we would've never made the shift to a more natural, authentic way to living life -from the products we use, to the food we eat, to the schools we've chosen (*Waldorf Education) and activities we choose to do day to day. All that has changed and change is good because then you can gauge that you have grown :)

Now that I have been introduced to Kabbalah, I'm so honored to invite you to Michal Berg's upcoming lecture on Spirituality for Parents. Spirituality (Yoga & Kabbalah) and the toughest but most fulfilling job on the earth - Parenting, helps me become the best version of myself. To merge the two together in a lecture topic is so very interesting as most of us can benefit from this..whether you are a parent or not, you ARE someone's child!

I lifted the event details below from the Kabbalah Philippines website. Feel free to repost and share on your facebook walls, twitter feeds, etc. See you all there!

Spirituality for Parents by Michal Berg

As parents, teachers and guardians, we simply want what's best for the children in our lives. We want them to be happy, to achieve success, to love and be loved. But in today's rapidly changing world, this is proving to be a more daunting challenge.

Michal Berg is the President and CEO of Spirituality for Kids ( and a mother of five. She is deeply committed to bringing spiritual programs to parents and children everywhere. Her vision is to provide even very young children with universal spiritual tools to help them discover their potential.

Michal lectures on the topic of spirituality for parents, connecting with mothers and fathers who are passionate about developing a mindful foundation for raising their children. She shares her insights, her experiences, and what she has learned from communicating with parents around the world.

It is Michal’s deepest belief that not only do parents assist in the spiritual development of their kids, but that children play a significant role in a parent’s spiritual growth.

Join Michal for her first speaking engagement in the Philippines as she discusses how to parent our children with a loving consciousness that contributes to their spiritual growth as well as our own.

Parenting With Consciousness with Michal Berg

Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Venue: TBA
Early bird rate: P500 (Until September 30 only)
Regular lecture fee: P750
Sponsorship seats: P1,000
Text: 0908 899 8442

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