Monday, October 10, 2011

The Cosmos Within Me

 Taken from this craniosacral blog

“On the average, a human being breathes 18 times a minute. This may, of course, vary, for our breathing is different in our youth, and in old age, but if we take an average, we obtain as a normal figure for the respiration, 18 breaths a minute. We thus renew our life rhythmically 18 times a minute.

Let us now see how often we do this in one day. In one hour this would be equal to 18 x 60 = 1080. In 24 hours: 1080 x 24 = 25,920, that is to say, 25,920 times.” (From a lecture by Rudolf Steiner of 28 January 1917, “Man’s Position in the Cosmic Whole; the Platonic World Year”)

Wow! Pretty amazing to know that we are living on earth, sharing the most basic rhythm of life (the breath) with the entire cosmos.

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