Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seedy Surprise!

I received a huge package today in the mail. I felt giddy, like a child opening a present from Santa Claus on Christmas day. But instead of getting toys...

...I get packets of seeds! Oh, what joy! Thanks to my new friend Beth who was generous enough to send them in from Manila for the Bahay Kalipay community and myself.

How I met Beth is an interesting story in itself. One weekend, I received a text from someone who wasn't registered in my phone's memory. She introduced herself to me, saying the following things:

A. She is a fan of my blog
B. She has a daughter about the same age as Santi
C. Is really stressed and needs a weekend getaway
D. Is on the airport en route to Puerto Princesa in an hour and hopes to meet me and my family

I thought to myself..."WHAT THE ?!"

Letter 'D' got me nervous because I'll have to meet a complete stranger. I wasn't even sure about this person's identity...was she for real? Is this a joke? A male stalker pretending to be a female?

After minutes of getting sucked in paranoia, I pushed all my worries aside and just went with the flow. Later that day, we met in Bahay Kalipay and I found out that she was a genuine person after all! Although we didn't grow up in the same social circles, we exchanged stories about our lives and saw that we had a lot in common. What I found most interesting is that she actually works for a seed company! Just when I decide to move to Palawan in pursuit of a greener life, I meet someone who actually deals with seeds for a living. Talk about the law of attraction!

Beth--Thanks again, sweetie! I promise to plant all the seeds in the farm with love and take pictures of the organic produce for you. Why, you can even have the fresh crops when you come over! ;) Here's a photo of us having lunch after our yoga class when you came to visit. I hope to see you in September for our birthday retreat!



Ana Kamila G. Niguidula said...

awwww thats the best gift ever!

beth supangco said...

tHANKs mon for the kind blog!


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